COVID19 Prevention – What to do if exposed or have symptoms

Prevention and Precautions

The best way to protect yourself against COVID-19 is by frequently washing your hands with soap, and disinfecting them. By doing this you eliminate viruses that may be on your hands and avoid infection that could occur by then touching your eyes, mouth, and nose.

A mask and social distancing (2 meters or more between people) are also effective in keeping your own body fluids from exposing others to any infection you may be carrying, and keeping you away from theirs if they might be carrying.

If you must travel out of our immediate region, we will ask you to be even more careful about your preventative measures of washing hands often, sanitizing, wearing masks, and social distancing for 14 days after your return.  Please monitor your temperature several times a day. Please keep very vigilant about your condition. But you are free to attend class, etc. Of course, refraining from unnecessary travel is essential to avoid exposure as much as possible.

Prevention is the key. If not, then early detection and preventing any spread becomes the priority. Please fully participate in all prevention protocols for your safety our our entire community. THANK YOU

For more information or concerns, please contact the OSS  x103

UPDATE April 22, 2021
Please read this very informative article on the new strains. It includes an animated graph of infection rates. Further updates on the situation in Japan can be found at this Kyodo New Site

What to Do If You have Symptoms of COVID 19

Please return to your dorm room/off campus residence immediately (or faculty housing) and call to the Office of Student Services (x103) or Dorm Director (x555) in non-business hours (faculty, please contact the OGA at x101). They will support you as follows:

  • Ask about various symptoms you may have,
  • Ask you about your travel and where you may have been exposed: where, when, who, situation.  We will keep this private, but please help by sharing your information.
  • Call to the local Health Services Center on your behalf to receive their advice and guidance. During this time, do not leave your room.
  • If and when the Health Center advises, you will get help to go to the medical facilities for proper testing and diagnosis. Please do NOT go on your own if you suspect COVID19 exposure, but wait for the instructions from the health services.

Students on Campus: For support with food, drink, etc., please call upon your IUJ Buddy Team (listed on the OSS Bulletin board). Your buddy team can bring you what you need, leaving it outside your dorm room. Please keep a larger than usual social distance, opening your dorm room door only after they have left the area.  Use Messenger video chat, etc. to keep in to contact with your buddies and the OSS.

Off campus students: Please rely on your family members for support when possible. If not, contact the OSS for arrangements. Be sure your contact information is registered with the OSS.

For details and additional information, please see see the IUJSupport page, and your email of April 28, 2021