Information for Incoming Students, including The September Arrival Schedule

Congratulations on choosing IUJ for your graduate education. We look forward to welcoming you to campus soon. Below is vital information to make your transition to IUJ campus life go smoothly. Please review all links.

Student Visa and Certificate of Eligibility (CE) process  — Click Here for guidance

The September Arrival Schedule

and events planning is here for your reference.

                September Plan (Calendar) – .  This is subject to change!  Watch for updates!!!

Note there are various arrival dates for various groups depending on what activities you will do in September on campus.
Because of the dorm maintenance needs, these dates are quite strict.

Incoming Dorm Room Assignments 

All incoming students will be allocated a single dorm room, and informed the address by early September by email (or early July for our summer students).  Please let us know your room preferences on THIS FORM as early as possible (deadline is late July each year). In principle the room assigned will be your Japan address until graduation. The Dorm Guide including rules, checking in procedures, etc. is located HERE

Online Support

Please join the Facebook Group to ask questions and get answers. Get to know each other BEFORE you come! Have your Application ID ready to help identify you are an incoming student.

Group Facebook Address

Please ask for an email invitation if you are having trouble accessing the page.  Contact with your application ID number.

Email Registration and Computer/Library information  — CLICK HERE

Info Pack (Arrival Guide)

is available in PDF form here. Info Pack  This is packed with info on Japan, IUJ, getting to campus, useful expressions and much more.  We send hard copies of the guide with your Certificate of Eligibility (for visa applications).  If IUJ is not helping with your CE, please ask your scholarship provider for the copy before you leave your country. We recommend you carry this guide from the airport to campus as often people find each other en route, and enjoy traveling together to campus.

MENTOR Program

Incoming students are assigned a 2nd year student as their Mentor.  Check back here in August to learn your Mentor’s name and email address.  Your Mentor will contact you between early September and early October to offer support.  Please seek out your mentor for any kind of advice, guidance, etc. you would like to ask a fellow student (rather than a staff or faculty member).

Check list

of what you need to do before you arrive in JapanCLICK HERE

Note on Illegal Substances in Japan:

Please read and use as an important guideline.