Off Campus Housing

Living off campus is an option for some students, but is also difficult. There are a few nice units on the IUJ Bus Route, but a car is usually required. Furthermore, unless you are utilizing the IUJ subsidized units for individual 2nd year students, there are initial move-in costs that are the equivalent of three months rent. One months rent ranges from 50,000 – 70,000. If you would like more information and options, please contact the OSS. We can introduce you to a landlord who speaks English, and other landlords with units on the IUJ bus route.

Living off campus requires prior approval from the Dean as it is IUJ policy for all students to reside on campus as a first year student, and as a second year student as far as IUJ has the capacity to house you. The main exception to move off campus is if IUJ cannot provide appropriate housing for your family members, or if single dorm space is needed to accommodate newly arriving students.

Those living off campus, as an academic policy, are required to live in the near vicinity (on the IUJ Bus Route, or within a 20 minute commute). If you live further away, special permissions are required. 

Special Note on Bringing your Spouse and children

If your spouse and children are not a Japanese national, they will require a Dependent’s Visa (they should not come on a tourist visa under any circumstances unless they plan on staying less than 90 days. Extensions and a change of status are not possible). These are not always easy to get. You need to become her/his guarantor (unless you have a friend in Japan willing to do this), which means you must first establish yourself as a resident. You must also be able show to the immigration officials a suitable income to provide for her/him. Most scholarships are not sufficient funds. You then must fill out the forms and submit them to the Immigration Office for their consideration and approval. The process can take up to 3 months, and does not always result in a visa for the spouse. For more information, contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your area, or your Embassy in Tokyo. IUJ cannot assist you in this process as this is a private matter. We can only provide you the forms to submit to the Immigration Office.

It is highly advisable to wait until spring term of your 1st year before inviting family members.  Best, is to wait until fall of your 2nd year. The reasons are: 1) Your first two academic terms at IUJ are very busy and taking care of your family can be quite difficult. 2) the heavy snow fall can be a difficult adjustment for family members, and the IUJ student should know the situation beforehand to best assess things for their family members.  3) For those with school aged children, the school year starts in April in Japan  and it is best to start children in the normal school year flow.  Either way, you must consult with the city office to be sure the schools have room for your child.

Please read the full Family Guide and make a decision that is good for your family. This guide includes examples of housing, budgets, children’s school issues, etc.  Also, the Info Pack has instructions for obtaining your family’s designated stay visa.