Health Insurance

National Health Insurance

The OSS administers IUJ regular student health insurance plans and arranges for student payment, by bank transfer, of the associated fees. For information on what and how much your insurance covers, and in the JASSO reimbursement plan for students, see the Pre arrival Guide .

Payment of Health Insurance

The payment schedule is quite complicate: NHI technically runs from April to March, consistent with the Japanese Fiscal year. However, we have arranged for IUJ students to be covered in accordance with our academic school year. Technically, on NHI books, you are covered from September to March (For summer program participants July), then from April to March plus a three month special extension through June. To simply NHI’s complicated payment schedule as best we can for you, IUJ pays the fees in advance and bills you each Fall term and the Spring term of your second year. Under this arrangement you are covered while you are enrolled at IUJ, and IUJ can assist you with the administrative details.

The estimated* fees for coverage for individuals, including the student discount which is about 70%, are:

  • First year of coverage: September thru March – 9,200yen or July thru March – 11,900yen (as of April 2008) – Paid in Fall term of first year
  • Second year of coverage: April thru March – 16,000yen (as of April 2008) – Paid in Fall term of second year
  • Three month extension period: April thru June – 3,900yen – Paid in Spring term of second year

*These fees are a bit different every year depending on NHI policies.

As of July of the year you graduate…

Please be advised that once you graduate and are no longer a full-time student, IUJ cannot help you with insurance coverage under NHI regulations. Despite the expiration date that is shown on the top of your insurance card, you will only have paid through June of your second year, and will therefore NOT BE COVERED AS OF JULY.

You must arrange coverage on your own if you require Japanese insurance coverage, once you are not a student. The City Office can assist you. The Student & Partner Service Center is looking in to other kinds of coverage you can apply for such as short-term coverage and traveler’s insurance. Please check with us in late winter term if you think you need coverage.

Limited coverage

NHI only covers you when you are directly engaged in an academic program. If you are traveling, even for a short field trip, or off campus during non-school hours you are not covered.

Coverage outside of Japan

NHI does not cover you, in practical terms, for accidents or health emergencies outside of Japan. Be sure to obtain travelers insurance before departing.