Hanko (Seal)

If you make a big purchase such as a car or real estate, or when you transfer the ownership right of a telephone to others, you are required to use your “official seal” (Jitsu-in), which need to be registered at the Town Office. And sometimes you may be asked to present a seal registration certificate (Inkan Toroku Shomeisyo). In order to get it, you need to register your official seal at the Town Office, the Residential Affairs Division (Chomin-ka). A fee of registration is 250yen.

You can’t register the following seals:

    1. A seal which bear a name other than the name which appears on your Alien Registration Certificate;
    2. A seal made of materials such as rubber which can easily be deformed;
    3. A seal which is chipped or worn out:
    4. A seal which does not have an outer line which surrounds the name;
    5. A seal which can’t be contained in a 20 mm x 20 mm square;
    6. A seal which is considered to be inappropriate for a registered seal.

 The OSS would like to recommend you the hanko-shop called Shoseido-inbo located in Itsuka-machi (Tel: 76-2220) for you.

If you have lost your seal or seal registration card or when you no longer need the card, you must fill out and submit an application to invalidate a registered seal at the Residential Affairs Division (Chomin-ka).


(Prepared by the Office of Student Services at IUJ in November 2000)