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Before you can find a job or internship, you need to prepare several important tools.

Tool 1: Knowing Yourself and Where you Fit

First, find out who you are and what your goals are by completing the CC&S provided Self Identification Aid handout and talking with the IUJ Career Counselor. Being honest with yourself at this stage is important, as is thinking deeply about your future goals. . Find out what kind of jobs and industries suit you based on your skills, interests, experience. This means self understanding and Career Exploration beyond just taking long walks.. For a comprehensive look at your interests, abilities and suitable careers, CC&S highly recommends  .  The IUJ counselor can sign you up and if you like go over the results with you.

Tool 2: Your Resume and Rirekisho

Prepare a 2 strong resumes to be used as a base: one is a standard resume format, and the other is a SKILLS BASED resume format.  Ask the IUJ career counselor for the templates. They should include detailed information on everything you have ever done written in a dynamic and memorable way. You will use these resumes as a base highlighting different skills that relate to your job/internship objective and the job description you have. The final product to submit to a company or organization should be one page and specifically edited for each company or job/internship you approach.

The Rirekisho is a Japanese version of the resume, and all IUJ job hunters should prepare one at least by the beginning of their 2nd year at IUJ (Or Spring Term for 1-year program participants).  As the IUJ career counselor for a template or see the CC&S folder on the IUJ Intranet.

Tool 3: Cover Letter

Prepare several versions of a cover letter. Each job application will require a very different cover letter, but you can research these NOW, and prepare a few sample cover letters for yourself in the field and type of work that interests you. The IUJ Career counselor as a handout with various examples, and more are in the IUJ Career Library.

Tool 4: Networking

You will also need to build your network. The earlier you start (first term, first year is recommended, if not BEFORE you come to campus) the easier it will be. Using the IUJ extensive alumni network through A-CAN, your campus friends and faculty, the career center, and using outside sources like LinkedIn, are highly recommended and effective.

Tool 5: Interviewing skills, preparation and practice

You are going to get an interview, really! So be prepared. The CC&S library has several good books to give guidance, attend the workshops in October offered by CC&S, take a Mock Interview in November with your peer group.. Be sure to review the interview styles newsletter and interview readiness brochure available from CC&S carefully, and prepare stories and answers to be used later on.  But being able to talk about yourself efficiently, energetically, and with the future in mind is a skill you must prepare during Fall term of your first year at IUJ.

Get an offer! Good for you.

Please come tell CC&S the good news, then use these resources to change your visa (for jobs only and not internships), help you relocate to Tokyo: salary negotiations, housing information, insurance and hankos, etc.