Career Counseling and Services (CC&S)

Career Workshops

Please note that some of the workshops occur before the Welcoming Ceremony! Please plan for this in making your travel arrangements.

MANDATORY individual coaching sessions will also be scheduled on September and October dates by appointment for those who qualify for career support.

See below for how to prepare.

Career Counseling and Services

September – November

Events and Deadlines
For details and descriptions see the career board on campus (schedule subject to change)

Pre-Fall Term sessions are offered during Orientation weeks.

The following Workshops, Sessions and Deadlines will be offered to incoming students before the Welcome Ceremony!

  • CC&S Overview and Career Exploration Workshop
  • IUJ Resume Book and Resume Writing Workshop
  • How to Apply to an opening, including Business Letter writing and Application form strategies
  • Interview skills and Practice
  • Job Hunting skills for business and world organizations

Coming in October

  • Interviewing with Japanese Companies
  • Resources in the Library for Career Counseling & Services
  • Alumni Career Panels

Before mid October incoming students needing career support should meet individually with the Career Counselor By Appointment – CC&S Office

One-on-One career coaching for Career preparation and Resume Development (SIGN UP). Mandatory

This is a time for us to get to know each other and start your internship/career planning. Hopefully you have already completed the survey and we can discuss those results as well. Bring your worksheets handed out in the Career Exploration Workshop, and be prepared to being developing your internship/job hunt plan and discuss these questions:

  1. What do you want to do for an internship and job?
  2. What is your career plan for after IUJ and what do you need to do now to reach that goal?
  3. What do you see as the most effective way to work together with your career coach to reach your goal?
  4. Why did you choose IUJ for your graduate education?
  5. What are your strengths and when/how did you demonstrate them?
  6. What is your greatest accomplishment before coming to IUJ?

Resume Book deadlines are posted. Please follow the Draft 1, Draft 2 and FINAL deadlines closely (submitting ahead of the deadlines helps the career counselor!)

FINAL deadline for the IUJ Resume Book: PERFECT and result-oriented documents

Sessions that may be offered during Fall Term are:

  • How to Write an Effective Cover Letter – 2nd session – advanced
  • How to Write a “Project Proposal” for internships and other applications
  • Project Proposal Writing session TWO: specific examples and styles
  • Interview practice – MOCK interviews in English with feedback
  • Interview Skills refresher course
  • Case Study Interview Skills
  • Careers in International Organizations
  • Considering a PhD

Coming in Winter Term IUJ Main On-Campus Recruiting Season