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If you are looking to recruiter from a graduate school quality employees for your Japan or Asia-based offices, you have found the best place to look in Japan. IUJ features top ranked students and the most adaptable recruiting services offered by any graduate program in Japan to meet your specific recruitment needs. Contact us to let us know what you need. 

CC&S facilitates introductions to IUJ’s talented pool of MBA, MA and Ebiz employment & internship candidates. IUJ is a highly ranked graduate school in Asia and Japan, with international competitive programs and graduates. Our students are well-versed in working in an internationally diverse setting in a wide range of careers throughout the world. Most graduates interested in business hope to stay in Japan or in SE Asia. We help you find them.

IUJ Placement Reports

These reports contain statistics for placement into jobs and internships, industry selections, and salary breakdowns for the previous placement season. It describes or services for recruiters and how to work with IUJ. It also explains our Pre-IUJ, DURING IUJ and After IUJ career services for students.

Placement Report

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Resume Book

Employment & internship candidates for the next season are highlighted in our Resume Book that is available in November each year. Request a copy!  Company/Organization recruiters only please.

For a quick list of examples of companies that recruited IUJ students and/or hosted interns, please see this information.

Career Counseling and Services offers companies the following services

IUJ Resume Book

Hard copies are distributed in late October and an Online version* is available and often updated(Password required. There is no charge for companies and organizations. )

Resume Book Request

* Please note that those in the MBA and MA programs are available for employment or internships starting in July each year.  (E-biz candidates are available for employment in September, Not all candidates place their resumes on the Online version of the Resume Book. Please contact CC&S if you do not find a candidate suitable.

Summer Internship program

IUJ Interns are available between early July and late September. Some internships last for 3 weeks and others 3 months. Students interning in Japan require only a work permit which IUJ obtains for them. They have health insurance and special internship insurance to cover any damage they may incur at the host company. IUJ has an Internship Facts Sheet in English  . We are happy to send to interested companies & organizations. It notes examples of successful internships, timing, and information on compensation and housing, etc.

IUJ interns may work 8 hours a day during the summer school holidays.  Information from the Immigration Bureau about their policies on this issue are at this link (in Japanese).

On Campus Interview Coordination

IUJ can prepare itineraries and confirm scheduling with candidates. While this can happen anytime between October 15 and early June, we invite you to

  • On Campus Recruiting – IUJ welcomes companies and organizations to recruit on our campus. To reserve a date for on-campus, or your office interviews, please contact to The recommended recruiting times are:

1st – October to late November
2nd – Mid January through late February – Main Recruiting time
3rd – Early April through Mid May

  • We can arrange space for 1-on-1 interviews in up to 5 location simultaneously, group interviews or whatever meets your needs. Please see the description of our facilities.

Candidate Selection Assistance

Companies select candidates (the second option is preferred):

  1. directly from the Resume Book with our help or on your own. You may contact them directly, or simply inform us who you have an interest in meeting and we will confirm their interests and help you set up interviews via in person on campus or your location, telephone, or video conference.
  2. from among those students that submit cover letters and resumes in response to job/internship opening announcements posted on our bulletin board (CC&S can draft a poster for your approval, collect applications, and sends them as one group via e-mail or fax. Here is an Information Sheet  to return to IUJ for your current opening announcements), or
  3. by asking CC&S to recommend candidates based on your criteria or from among those that submit information as in #2 above.

On Campus Corporate Presentations or briefings

CC&S announces the event to students, sets up the room including computer presentation facilities according to your needs, and introduces you.

  • IUJ offers spacious presentation rooms with seating for up to 180, computer projects and wiring, computers with presentation software, podiums, microphones, video projection, overheads, white boards and anything to meet your presentation needs.

On Campus Corporate Receptions

If a company would like to invite students to a reception that you sponsor, we can arrange the space, the catering, and bill payment based on your stated budget and desired image (simple stand up lunch to evening buffet with drink service).

  • With space either just outside the presentation hall, in our campus cafe, or in the lobby or our research institute, a wide variety of corporate receptions can be arranged.

Off Campus recruiting assistance

if you would like to invite candidates to your office for interviews we are happy to help facilitate communications, set up schedules, hand over maps and instructions, or whatever you would need.

Alumni Search Service

Some of our Alumni in the job market are in touch with us and we can introduce qualified candidates. We can provide access to the Alumni Online Resume Bank, or send information to our Alumni Job Hunters Email group. There is no charge to companies for this service.


 If you require any other service, do not hesitate to ask .

There are no fees associated with working with IUJ`s Career Counseling and Services which assists business/organizations in finding and approaching suitable candidates from our talented pool. Contact us for assistance.

For further information, see our student-oriented homepage at Career Counseling & Services.

Recruiting senior candidates

Finding IUJ Alumni

If you are seeking an MA, MBA or MEB holder with several years of experience after IUJ, ask about how to reach the IUJ Alumni looking for new opportunities. Companies and Organizations are invited to make use of an E-mail service and Alumni Resume Bank (free of charge and provided by IUJ)

For more information

Please contact Office of Admission and Career Support,
Email :

Job and Internship openings may be emailed to the address above for free bulletin board posting.