Career Counseling and Services (CC&S)

Placement Information

IUJ’s Career Counseling and Services helps our students in the job and internship hunt find good positions with great companies and institutions.  We help the companies/organizations find suitable matches from among our talented and diverse pool of young professionals.

With diverse companies and organizations in our recruiting family, and a small number of candidates on campus, IUJ is able to provide customized services to recruiters and work closely with individual candidates.  The result is very strong statistics for both internship placement rates, and employment rates before graduation and within 3 months after.

BEFORE IUJ: Career Coaching at IUJ starts well before our students even apply to our programs.  This early coaching helps student select the right degree program, plan their time at IUJ well, and find their career goals faster and with a higher degree of satisfaction.

Please review our Job Placement Report 2020

For a list of companies that have recently hired IUJ students  or hosted them as interns, please see our Services for Companies