Career Counseling and Services (CC&S)

On-Campus Recruiting Guide

IUJ now welcomes recruiters to our campus to meet internship and employment candidates in Fall Term (mid October through late November).  IUJ’s main recruiting season is mid January through late February each year.

On Campus Recruiting Itinerary

Companies and any recruiters come to IUJ campus and often give a 45 minute overview of their company and recruiting needs. Interviews (pre-screening, selection, group or one-on-one interviews) for internships and employment positions take place in the afternoon.  Some companies like to meeet candidates informally at a “Drop By Time” after the more formal interviews.

CC&S helps by assisting with candidate selection, arranging itineraries, providing presentation facilities, setting up interview rooms to meet the interview style preferred, and making any arrangement our company visitors might need. Please let us know. if you would like to attend, and your preferred dates.

We do welcome recruiters through our Spring Term if the above time periods are not possible. However, many candidates finalize their career and internship plans before this time. Therefore, we encourage participation early on!

Past participants in On-Campus Recruiting (Examples)

AI Capital
All Nippon Airways
Barclays Capital
Capital Servicing
Deloitte-TECO (Tohmatsu Evaluation and Certification Organization)
Deutsche Bank, NYC/Mumbai (from overseas)
EDF-Japan (Minsai Center)
Frontier Securities, Mongolia
Goldman Sachs (from Tokyo)
Hitachi Chubu
Johnson and Johnson
McQuarie Securities (from overseas)
Mizuho Corporate Bank (Presentation photo right)
Nippon Seiki
Orix Japan
PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
Royal Bank of Scotland (Group interview photo Right)
Standard Chartered 
Synovate Business Consulting
Tata Consulting
Tokyo American Club
TopTech Informatics
Toyota Motors
UNDP, Cambodia
WEALTH Management

Many more companies participate in our program at other times during the year either from Tokyo, via Video or Teleconferencing, or on campus.

Executive Search firms come to Campus for recruiting.  IUJ introduces those with whom we have on-going working relations to our students each year.

Candidate Selection Options

Please see Company Services for details. Briefly, you may select candidates in the following manner:

  • Directly from the IUJ Resume Book (hard copy or online, and inform CC&S whom you wish to meet
  • Ask CC&S to post information , and email you resumes of those qualified for your review. Then tell CC&S which candidates you wish to meet
  • Request CC&S to make recommendations based on your description and skills needs
  • Other as per your recruitment style

Typical Itinerary of an On-Campus Recruiting? visit:

  • Morning train to campus (Joetsu Shinkansen stopping at Urasa Station)
  • Campus Tour and discussions with CC&S Staff
  • Presentation set-up and early Lunch
  • Lunch Time Presentation (Optional)
  • (Lunch if morning schedule did not permit)
  • Afternoon interviews
  • Drop By Time* for another chance to meet candidates informally, or meet new students interested in the company for the future, with a special question, etc.
  • Late Evening train to Tokyo or Dinner in the area before a later train or overnight stay in a local Hot Spring resort.

*As an alternative to Drop By Time, some companies offer a reception or Happy Hour using campus facilities. The CC&S staff can arrange catering per your image and budget requirements. Billing is usually by Bank Transfer “Furikomi” at a later time.

Recruiting senior candidates

Finding IUJ Alumni

If you are seeking an MA, MBA or MEB holder with several years of experience after IUJ, ask about how to reach the IUJ Alumni looking for new opportunities. Companies and Organizations are invited to make use of an E-mail service and Alumni Resume Bank (free of charge and provided by IUJ)

Available Equipment at IUJ for Presentations

  • Large presentation hall on the third floor of our Library which seats up to 180.
  • Microphones: Podium style, wireless and wired
  • Computer project and cables
  • PowerPoint software and other presentation software installed on our computers
  • Companies are welcomed to E-mail presentations before their arrival. We will put them on our computers and test them before the presentation.
  • Video Equipment attached to the same projector as the Computer for projection, with speaker system, to the same large screen
  • Overhead projectors (paper version or transparencies as you need), white boards, chalk boards, poster paper, etc.
  • Other: If your needs are not listed here, please let us know and we will make arrangements.

Interview Options

  • IUJ can prepare 1-on-1 (or 2-on-1) interview space in 4-5 different rooms.  Above photos show one such room near the career counselor’s desk (click on the red X if the photo does not appear).  The photo to the lower right shows a larger room option (one of several).
  • Group interviews can be arranged in a variety of classrooms
  • Screening interviews combined with a light reception work well in our Research Institute Lobby
  • Informal Group meeting areas are easily arranged in a variety of lobbies including the one shown to the rights just outside of the Career Services office.
  • Teleconferencing can be set up with calls from the company to the candidates’ rooms (requires redialing) or using a telephone in enclosed meeting space within the Career Office and talking with candidates on the same line in succession.

Drop-By-Time or After Interview light Receptions

We offer a variety of space to meet your corporate image, time and interests. Below or photos of three possible reception or Drop By Meeting areas:

From top to bottom: Just outside the Presentation Hall, Research Institute Lobby, Informal Lounge outside of Career Services.