Self Assessment tests

Learn about YOURSELF and JOBS that you match

Self Assessment is the most important part of your job hunt. Self Assessment means looking at who you are: Your strengths, weaknesses, talents, challenges, preferences, values, work habits and lifestyle. With these things identified, you can then go on to see how you fit into the job markets. What types of jobs match your personality? Where would you be happy and successful? Where would you be uncomfortable and dissatisfied? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can begin to explore various careers you fit well. BUT FIRST, find out about YOU. Because if you do not know what you are looking for, you cannot find it. And you cannot know what you are looking for until you know yourself.

Realize what skills you bring from your past and can offer your future.

Be sure to attend the Fall Workshop on Self Assessment. If you miss it, borrow the video.

Take advantage of IUJ Student Discounts to

Ask CC&S for help in using the wonderful online profiling tool for just 2,800yen (about– Regular charge is about 10,000yen). You take 3 interesting “tests” about your interests, values and abilities. Then CareerLeader shows you which careers you best match and the skills you bring to that job. GREAT for knowing what suits you, and better for preparing to write cover letters and for interviews. It also shows you professions by ABC listing and how you match up. This can save you time and energy because knowing what you do not fit and where you would not be satisfied is just as important as learning how you do match up with the business world. This site has a wealth of information on career paths and the skills you need for them. CC&S will help you get started and get your name on the IUJ list so you can take advantage of this service for as long as you are an IUJ student (Exchange students are welcomed). EVEN before you come to campus (if you have already been accepted), you can take advantage of this to start your career hunt. Contact for information.

Take the Meyers Briggs test online.

First, go to At this website, take the on-line character or temperament sorter test. You will find all necessary explanations there. At the end of your 36 question on-line test, the computer gives you a four-letter “variant profile.” Write this code down. Look around on that page for interesting information on your personality type. Next, go to the Career-matching page offered through Myers Briggs Scroll down to find your 4 letter code and click on that for examples of careers you fit. You can also click on the icons on each page to see how your personality type works in relationships, etc. This service is free, but not as comprehensive nor as tailored to YOU as CareerLeader.