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ALUMNI Career Paths

Where do IUJ graduates work after IUJ?

Here is a list of examples of  where privately-sponsored IUJers from 2010-2014 found employment, including charts of industries popular among recent graduates.

What kind of career paths have IUJ students taken?

Swagat’s story from pre IUJ life in India, to IUJ’s MBA experiences, and now his new exciting career in London

What jobs do IUJ graduates aim for?

The IUJ Career Coach encourages each IUJ student to find their own professional goals, and plan to reach them by customizing their time at IUJ.  Students need not limit themselves based on what other IUJ students have done. That said, each of our programs is focused on preparing a different kind of professional.  Choosing your base program is important for your future.

In short, the following career areas are popular among our private (those not coming with prior employment sponsorship) students:

Finance fields, investment banking, general banking, consulting (IT, Management) marketing, general business, trade relations, etc. etc.

International Development/Economics
Development consulting or organizations, Micro financing, research, investment banks, government positions for sustainable development, etc.

Public Management
Governments and international organizations in leadership, management and project cycle management roles, UN various offices, Project evaluation and development planning project creation roles.

International Relations
PhDs, academics, research, university level teaching, journalism, diplomatic circles, politics, international organizations, UN various offices and volunteering programs, banking, general business, peace keeping missions, relief missions, election monitoring, etc. etc.