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FALL 2017

September 1 (Fri)

The academic year begins

September 1 (Fri)

Intensive English Program (IEP) ends (IEP schedule: July 10 – September 1)

Around September 18 (Mon)- September 29 (Fri)

Programs and guidance for new enrollees: Intensive Japanese Program, Campus Life Orientation, Career Workshop, Academic Orientation, etc.

September 18 (Mon)

National Holiday

September 23 (Sat)

National Holiday

September 29 (Fri)

New Students Welcome Day

October 2 (Mon)

Fall term courses begin

October 2 (Mon)– 10 (Tue)

Registration for fall term courses

October 9 (Mon)

National Holiday

November 3 (Fri)

National Holiday

November 6 (Mon)

Last day for withdrawal from fall term courses

Mid November

Pre-registration for winter term courses

November 23 (Thu)

National Holiday

December 8 (Fri)

Last day for fall term courses

December 11 (Mon)– 15 (Fri)

Final examinations for fall term courses


January 8 (Mon)

Winter term courses begin

January 8 (Mon)

National Holiday

January 8 (Mon) – 15 (Mon)

Registration for winter term courses

February 9 (Fri)

Last day for withdrawal from winter term courses

February 12 (Mon)

National Holiday

Mid February

Pre-registration for spring term courses

March 16 (Fri)

Last day for winter term courses

March 19 (Mon)– 23 (Fri)

Final examinations for winter term courses

March 21 (Wed)

National Holiday


April 2 (Mon)

Spring term courses begin

April 2 (Mon)– 9 (Mon)

Registration for Spring term courses

April 30 (Mon)

National Holiday

May 3 (Thu) – 5 (Sat)

National Holidays

May 7 (Mon)

Last day for withdrawal from spring term courses

May 14 (Mon)

IUJ’s Foundation day

June 8 (Fri)

Last day for spring term courses

June 11 (Mon)– 14 (Thu)

Final examinations for spring term courses

June 23 (Sat)

Graduation Ceremony

Late June – Mid August

Summer study period for 1-year Program students

July 16 (Mon)

National Holiday

Mid July

Pre-registration for fall term courses

August 11 (Sat)

National Holiday

August 31 (Fri)

Graduation Day for 1-year Program students

The academic year ends