OSS Hospital Guide

IUJ’s Hospital Guide book is available in the OSS in Hard Copy. It can help with preparing to go to the hospital, how to read the prescriptions, how to talk to your doctors, etc.

An online tour of our local hospital describes a visit as follows:

  • Where it is
  • Items you need to take
  • What you do when you get there
  • Where things are in the hospital
  • How to talk to your doctors and nurses.
  • How to pay your bill
  • How to pick up your medication<

With pictures of each step, we hope it helps you.

Guide to Women’s Health – please read for important information for women in Japan.

Guide to Moegi Clinic
Moegi is a general clinic for basic illnesses such as coughs, colds or common flu.  If you have a more specialized condition such as a rash, breathing or heart issues, etc. use the Hospital.

Map to Sakura Clinic
Sakura Clinic specializes in skin troubles including rashes. It is about 2.5-3K from campus. here is a map to help you get there.