Career Counseling and Services (CC&S)


You are responsible for paying your taxes and filing for reimbursements when applicable. IUJ cannot be formally involved. To learn more about Japanese taxes, including those for full-time employees, refer to this website. More information is official National Tax Office page is here.

Here is some basic information for IUJ interns.

Paid internships are taxed according to Japanese tax laws. Often income tax is taken right out of your monthly stipend. Sometimes non-residence taxes are also withdrawn. Some or all of this can be reimbursed depending on the tax style of the company and how much you earn.

For those working on campus, IUJ takes out the appropriate taxes and reimburses you automatically in December – you can find that amount on the small sheet you receive. However, for those not on the pay roll for the entire year (summer interns) the company probably will NOT make this adjustment automatically. This is the income for which you may be able to get a reimbursement.

In December or when you receive compensation (timing depends on the company’s system) you will get a notice from the company regarding your income and tax info. DO NOT throw that slip away. In fact, throw nothing you receive from the company away if it has anything to do with money, payment statements, contracts, etc.

In February or March you get another statement about your income and taxes withdrawn. At the Town Hall (Yakuba) and can request for a reimbursement – Kakutei Shinkoku (Income Tax Reimbursement). You take the slips from the company (those showing they did not reimburse you already) and then have to fill out a very form all in Japanese. The SPSC/CC&S is not in the position to h lp on that form, translations, etc. You need to get helpful from a Japanese reading/writing friend. Hopefully the Town Hall officials will help you fill it out when you request the form

If your income is below 1,030,000, your income tax may be reimbursed 100%. If your income is over 1,030,000, the tax reimbursement depends on how much you earn. Tax reimbursement is usually conducted one month after submitting the document.

Please note: NHI payments are based on the assumed “income” of an average student (no income). Those with high paying internships may find they get charged more for their NHI coverage than other students. You will be notified about this by the Town Hall in Spring.