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The Graduation Survey 2018 has started.

Guess who is going to win, GSIR or GSIM? Please click the link below to start the survey.

Please note that this survey is for the gradating students of this June or August.


IR(2-Year Graduating Students)
74% (73 out of 99)
IM(2-Year Graduating Students)
77% (47 out of 61)
E-biz, IMBA (1-Year Graduating Students)
82% (23 out of 28)

Thank you for your feedback! The response rate will be updated daily in the morning of weekdays.

– July 1st:
2nd Year(including Linkage) students

– September 1st
1-Year MBA, E-Biz students

Please note again that this survey is for those who are graduating from IUJ in this June or August, 2nd year students of IRP, IDP, PMPP, Fulltime MBA, 1-Year MBA and  E-Biz. For the other students, you may not access it, please wait until next year.

Those who complete the survey get entitled to receive either a water bottle or a travel purse as a Thank You Gift at the Office of General Affairs. (^_-)V