As of April 1, 2011

Rules of storage in the dormitory

IUJ offers storage spaces for a fee for residents who have things that can not be stored  in their rooms.

The following rules apply to such storage.

What can be stored

Things to be stored need to meet all of the following conditions ([1]-[4]).

[1] Things that owners can not store in their rooms because of unavoidable circumstances     (except drinks, food, breakables, dangerous things, valuables).

[2] Things must be packed properly in containers that are clean and undamaged in principle.

[3] Things that are difficult to store due to irregular size or shape can not be accepted.

[4] Owners must be able to bring the things to the storage area alone.


Containers are divided into 4 classes according to size.

*Size = the sum of height + width + depth

[1] Size S   = up to 120cm

[2] Size M   = up to 160cm

[3] Size L   = up to 200cm

[4] Size XL  = over 200cm

Quantity limit

One person is limited to Five size S containers

Other sizes can be converted to equivalent numbers of size S containers as follows.

[1] One Size M = Two size S

[2] One Size L = Three size S

[3] One Size XL = Five size S

Storage charges

Storage charges are as follows.

[1] One Size S = 300 per term

[2] One Size M = 500 per term

[3] One Size L = 800 per term

[4] One Size XL = 1,500 per term


Terms are as follows. Accounting by month or day is not allowed.

[1] April 1 to June 30

[2] July 1 to September 30

[3] October 1 to December 31

[4] January 1 to March 31

Payment of storage charges

Storage charges are automatically charged to storage user’s accounts in the last month of each term.


Apply at the Housekeeper office.

Service hours for the storages is as follows.

[1] Weekdays : 10:00 am – Noon and 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

[2] Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays : 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm   The Housekeeper may be absent even during these periods.

Other conditions

[1] Owners of stored things must be a dormitory resident.

[2] Owners must go through the procedures and pay charges themselves.

[3] The Housekeeper opens and closes the storage doors. Follow the Housekeeper’s directions    when carrying items in and out.

[4] Applicants can not choose where things will be stored (Dormitory, floor and location in storage).

The Housekeeper will decide such matters.

[5] When all storage area becomes full, IUJ will not accept more applications.

[6] When it turned out that stored things do not meet the conditions after being brought in,    owners lose a right to use the storage space.

[7] Owners must take responsibility for any trouble caused by things they have stored.

[8] Owners must follow IUJ’s directions when there is a possibility that owners have broken the    rules or problems about the management of stored things occur.

[9] Things stored without payment or outdated things are assumed abandoned. The owners must   pay the cost of disposal.

[10] IUJ is not responsible for any loss or damage to stored things caused by force majeure(fire,    natural calamities and unavoidable causes) or poor packing