Rules and Regulations of Gym Use


By using the IUJ Gym facilities, all users agree to the following rules and regulations:


  1. The gym is for IUJ affiliated individuals only. Non-affiliated persons must be accompanied by IUJ authorized users (students, faculty, staff). All users accept full responsibility for their actions. See below* for details.

Gym Cleanliness

  1. With the exception of bottled water, no food or drinks are permitted beyond the entrance.
  2. All “outdoor” shoes must be removed at the front entrance of the gym. Proper indoor athletic shoes must be used in the 1st floor gym and 2nd floor training room.


  1. In order to protect their safety, no children under the age of 13 (supervised or otherwise) are allowed in the 2nd floor training room. Supervised children are allowed to play in the 1st floor gym. Unsupervised children are not permitted in the gym.

Gym Safety and Proper Use of Equipment

  1. All facilities and equipment must be correctly and safely used.
  2. Replace all equipment to its originally designated position immediately after use.
  3. Do not remove any equipment from the gym without permission from FPSC.
  4. Please do not leave any personal belongings and club/group belongings (except items permitted by FPSC) in the gym. All items left behind will be removed.

Gym Use Scheduling

  1. Scheduled class and club activities should be given first priority to use the facilities. These clubs have booked their timeslots in advance. If you wish to make a similar reservation, please contact a GSO Sports Affairs representative at

Before Using the 2nd Floor Training Room

  1. To become an authorized user of the 2nd floor training room, you must view the video on proper equipment usage and ask the GSO-EC if you have any questions. (Instructional Videos for weight training and effective workout routines are available from GSO-EC website)

Those not following these rules will receive an initial warning and rule reminder. Continued abuse of the rules may result in user privilege suspension.

*By using the IUJ gym facilities, authorized users accept full responsibility for their own actions or the actions of any guests accompanying them, including all legal, financial and liability responsibilities.

(June 13, 2007)