Rule on Usage of Kitchen/Dining Room


1.Kitchen/Dining Room

Kitchens and dining rooms are the ONLY places you can cook/wash dishes in the dormitory. If

you wash the dishes in your dorm room, it might cause the drainage pipes blocked.

Please clean up the mess you made and remove all left-over foods from the stoves, table or floor

after using in order to prevent cockroach problem and to make other users comfortable in using

the kitchen. Otherwise any things left behind after cooking are to be discarded by the cleaners.

Also your rice-cooker should be placed in the designated place only.

2.How to use the Kitchen Shelf

(1) Please contact the Housekeeper if you would like to use a kitchen shelf, as the Housekeeper is

to make your name plate onto the kitchen shelf. Only ONE shelf is to be provided to ONE

kitchen user.

(2) Anything left in NON-registered shelves shall be discarded without prior notice. All your

kitchen utensils and foods should be put back to your own registered shelf or your room before

you leave the kitchen.

3.How to use the shared-refrigerators

ou are required to fill out all the columns in the “Food Storage Label for Fridge” attached on the

side of the refrigerators and stick them onto whatever the foods you wish to put in.

(2) Please be aware that the foods in the following situations shall automatically be discarded

during the weekly refrigerator cleaning without prior notice.

(a) The foods with no Labels.

(b) The foods with the labels in which all the columns are not filled or partly filled.

(c) The foods which have passed more than 2 weeks after the date shown on the labels.

(d) The rotten foods even though it is less than 2 weeks from the date shown.

4.Give a way to the Professional Cleaners

Even if you are in the middle of cooking or dining, you are required to leave the kitchen/dining

room to give a way to the professional cleaners during the following professionally cleaning


Daily Routine Cleaning: Kitchens/dining rooms shall be closed in the periods from 10:30AM

to 11:30AM and from 2:30PM to 3:00PM every day due to the professional routine cleaning.

Weekly Refrigerator Cleaning: Professional cleaners are scheduled to clean the kitchen

every Friday during the period from 10:30AM to 11:30AM to regularly clean inside of the

refrigerators. Nevertheless you can use the kitchen/dining room as soon as the cleaning operation is over

during such period.

Monthly Thorough Cleaning: Monthly thorough cleaning is basically scheduled for the

second Wednesday every month during the period from 1:00PM to 4:00PM. You are

required to move all your private belongings including your rice cookers etc. to your individual

room from the shelves and stainless tables before 1:00PM on that day. If the users forget to

move their private belongings to the individual room before 1:00PM, whatever are left out in the

kitchens/dinning rooms shall be discarded without prior notice. IUJ will announce you in

advance when monthly thorough cleaning takes place. However you can use the kitchen/dinning

room as soon as the cleaning operation is over.

5.Please be aware that IUJ will NOT be responsible for any loss or damage of your

private belongings in the kitchens/dining rooms.