Regarding the July 16 article by Asahi Shimbun

The Educational Corporation of International University of Japan

An article about IUJ was published in the morning edition of the Asahi Newspaper (Niigata version) and online on July 16.

After deliberating on this matter based only on the information that can be acknowledged as fact from the available and subjective elements, and while emphasizing fairness and educational considerations, we have finalized our decision under the president’s name.

Simultaneously with the investigation, IUJ faculty and staff directly involved took measures to ensure a safe learning and research environment, including the protection of the persons involved.

The Educational Corporation of the International University of Japan will make every effort to build a healthy educational and research environment, and university management system.  Faculty and staff intend to join together and strive to develop global leaders. We appreciate your continued support.

Thank you

(Translated from the original, and official, Japanese version)