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The deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and IUJ’s response

The deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and IUJ’s response                              Hiroyuki Itami, President In the wake of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, IUJ, along with other universities in Japan, have received pleas from many alumni for support in securing their safety and in helping them to evacuate from Afghanistan. In response to this, IUJ has been lobbying the political leaders, and government and semi-government body officials to help the alumni secure evacuation out of Afghanistan through GoJ action. To our great regret, however, we have received no positive response as of yet, and we are not clear as to what can be done and when, and under what conditions. The situation […]


Japan Business Model Competition (JBMC) NIIGATA round was held on Saturday, November 24th 2018 at International University of Japan (IUJ). This competition was hosted by HOKUETSU BANK, DAISHI BANK and ICLOVE with Niigata University and IUJ co-sponsorship, and 11 projects were presented. One project presented by IUJ student, her name is Nur Adlin Binti Abu Bakar and came from Malaysia with its project titled “Ecoqua” won the DAISHI/HOKUETSU FG Prize and her project was endowed with a 100,000 Yen. The winning teams will join the final competition for JBMC Prize in March 2019 in Tokyo, which will allow its winner to join the final world-wide International Business Model Competition (IBMC) […]

Startup x Regional Creation Forum

Global Communication Center (GLOCOM) and the Global IT Park Minamiuonuma Committee was held Forums on the Regional Development by Start-up Clusters on March 16 at GLOCOM in Tokyo and March 17 at the International University of Japan (IUJ). This forum was to clarify the possibility and challenges of regional revitalization through accumulation of startup companies. Participants including guest speakers discussed about “strategies for attracting IT industry in Minamiuonuma City” in the forum. Guest Speakers Adam D Lindemann (CEO / Partner and CEO of Mind Fund Group) Steve Rife (Independent Consultant) Jay Rajasekera (Professor, International University of Japan)   Moderator Soichiro Takagi (Research Fellow, GLOCOM, International University of Japan)         […]

IUJ Students Awarded by Mayor on a Stage Made of Snow

IUJ students were honored by the Hon. Mr. Hayashi, new mayor of Minamiuonuma City and the City’s Tourism Department for their outstanding contribution to our area on Saturday, February 11, 2017. About 30 students who took the “Foundation of Web Technologies” E-Biz class were invited to an awards ceremony held in conjunction with the 67th Snow Festival. They were recognized on a stage made of snow for their creation of promotional websites, with social media interactions, that showed off the many attractions found in Minamiuonuma City area. In the fall term 2016, in response to a request from Minamiuonuma City, the students of the “Foundation of Web Technologies” class, divided […]

JBMC-Niigata 2016

  Japan Business Model Competition’s Niigata round was held on November 27th 2016 at Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT), hosted by Hokuetsu Bank and iClove with NUT and IUJ co-sponsorship. 15 projects were submitted for documents screening and selected eleven projects were presented from IUJ (three teams), NUT (two), Jigyo Sozo Daigakuin Daigaku (Graduate Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies) (two), and Niigata University (four). One of the IUJ’s teams came out winner with its project titled “Hanoi Zstore”, network for the swap of consumer items receiving the Hokuetsu Bank Prize; and the Niigata University team presenting “Ehon Catalogue”, picture-book type wedding catalogue, was selected the winner of iClove Prize. Both Prizes […]

Regarding the July 16 article by Asahi Shimbun No.2
Facts about the 2015 December case

1. Overview of the case (1) On December 19, an incident took place in which a male student (Z) entered the room of a female student (A). The University as outlined in 2 (below), in cooperation with the police and officials, took disciplinary measures to prevent the recurrence of similar cases. (2) In relation to this matter, since early January, emotional conflicts evidently existed between the friends of A and Z, which resulted, on January 6, in a student (Y) destroying University property demonstrating violent behavior. In this regard, IUJ carried out the required reporting, such as submitting a damage report to the police authorities. As described in 2 (below), […]

Regarding the July 16 article by Asahi Shimbun

The Educational Corporation of International University of Japan An article about IUJ was published in the morning edition of the Asahi Newspaper (Niigata version) and online on July 16. After deliberating on this matter based only on the information that can be acknowledged as fact from the available and subjective elements, and while emphasizing fairness and educational considerations, we have finalized our decision under the president’s name. Simultaneously with the investigation, IUJ faculty and staff directly involved took measures to ensure a safe learning and research environment, including the protection of the persons involved. The Educational Corporation of the International University of Japan will make every effort to build a […]

IUJ’s Graduation Ceremony for 2016

IUJ’s Graduation Ceremony for 2016 was held on June 27.  158 students from 30 countries graduated in good standing. In the congratulatory address, President Kimio Kase said that “Today is a special day for all of us. We expect that you can tell yourself that you have managed to realize yourself not only for your own sake and betterment but also towards others and the world.  If so, IUJ and I personally will be happy.  Living and working together, having face to face discussions, learning in an appropriate milieu are essential for IUJ.  We ask you to extend your helping hand to us.”   In the congratulatory address, Chairman Shoei […]

Minami Uonuma Gourmet Marathon Race

    Minami Uonuma Gourmet Marathon race was held on June 12.   IUJ was the 7th Aid station of the half marathon race, and many members of the IUJ community came out to cheer the runners who included IUJ’s some faculties, students and staffs. Our all loud cheers awarded a prize of cheering contest this year again.       Comment from Assistant Professor Nora Sharkasi, an Aid Volunteer: “I really enjoyed it! It wasn’t only for the beauty of the crowed approaching the aid station and snatching the little cups of water from our hands,or recognizing IUJ runners among the crowd and cheering hard for everyone, or appreciating the […]