Regarding the July 16 article by Asahi Shimbun No.2
Facts about the 2015 December case

1. Overview of the case

(1) On December 19, an incident took place in which a male student (Z) entered the room of a female student (A). The University as outlined in 2 (below), in cooperation with the police and officials, took disciplinary measures to prevent the recurrence of similar cases.

(2) In relation to this matter, since early January, emotional conflicts evidently existed between the friends of A and Z, which resulted, on January 6, in a student (Y) destroying University property demonstrating violent behavior. In this regard, IUJ carried out the required reporting, such as submitting a damage report to the police authorities. As described in 2 (below), measures were taken as disciplinary action to prevent the recurrence of similar cases.

2. Measures taken by the university

(1) With respect to the above case 1.(1), based on the relevant rules, the university immediately set up an investigation committee chaired by the Vice President to investigate the incident to collect the facts about the case and to decide on measures to be taken. At the same time, in cooperation with the police and other relevant agencies in the early stage of the investigation, measures were taken such as relocating student Z from the student dormitory outside the campus in order to protect student A. During this period, additional interviews were conducted upon the request from a student to check the facts. Based on the investigation results of the committee, the university, on January 6, decided to recommend a suspension of one term for student Z and communicated it to him. In addition, the university took remedial measures regarding the dormitory management system. It should be noted that the student Z was returned to his home country, also student A took leave of absence and returned to her home country.

[Note: The investigation committee acted on a strict confidential basis with regard to the details of the investigation report and its decision is not to publish regardless of whether inside or outside the campus. ]

(2) With respect to the case 1.(2), in cooperation with the police and other related institutions, the university started the punishment process, but student Y left campus without permission. In a faculty meeting, faculty decided to dismiss him.

(3) Regarding these cases, in order to share the view among the students and the faculty, so as to return quickly to the normal academic situation, the following measures were taken:

A. Twice an explanation session was held for the faculty and administration staff by the President. And to avoid any misunderstanding about the facts and prevent the feeling of insecurity, the university took measures to stop the spread of unnecessary slander and rumors.

B. Ensuing to this matter, the following occurred: the afore-mentioned destruction of the university’s property by violent acts, the use of unauthorized use of the student representatives’ e-mail account, and the dissemination of information which affected the privacy of the persons concerned. The university warned, based on the relevant rules, against these excessive acts by using the wording such as “could face immediate expulsion” in the understanding that “expulsion,” “suspension” and “reprimand” may be within the range of punishment to be imposed.

C. With regard to this matter, The corporate side (the Board) of the university gave instructions that rapid settlement and adequate solution be taken in order to go back to the normal state of academic ambience.

3. Subsequent history

(1) The feeling of uncertainty and insecurity felt around mid-January among the students was eased and the atmosphere on the campus went back to normal thanks to the measures taken by the university.

(2) The university had done what was within its reach to share information and communication with the student A and her family, and their embassies. We at the university think that there is a possibility that this matter may constitute a criminal case, but are not aware at this moment whether the incident was reported to the police by the female student. Regarding the violent acts committed by the student Y, no further development took place because of the likelihood that the person in question is located outside of Japan.

(Translated from the original, and official, Japanese version)