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Presentations by International students who study the Japanese

Presentations by International students who study the Japanese language were held on May 27th at IUJ’s MLIC hall. Many International students take Japanese language classes as one of their electives. The Japanese Language program hosts an annual event to allow them to display their growing language skills to local Japanese residents. Many local people came and heard presentations in Japanese by International IUJ students and presentations in English by local junior high school students. Afterwards, a party was held and all the participants enjoyed it very much.   This annual event has been held every year since 1993, it’s become the 24th event where our IUJ students show their language skills and enjoy communicating both in some Japanese […]

Professor N.S.Cooray will be the keynote speaker at Fourth International Conference on Asian

The Fourth International Conference on Asian Studies  (ICAS 2016) which will  be held from 11-12 June 2016 in Toronto, Canada. ICAS 2016 is an interactive platform to connect and reconnect colleagues around the world. Meet the participants of 2012, 2014, 2015 conference as well as new participants in our conferences. ICAS 2016 conference is the premier knowledge building event and the American continent. Professor N.S.Cooray, Associate Dean of GSIR who talks on “Emerging Trends of Asian Political Economy and Development: The Way Forward will be the keynote speaker.   Title of the conference: Globalization to Asianization – Challenges & Issues Date: June 11th (Sat.) , 12th(Sun.) 2016 Venue: RYERSON UNIVERSITY For information:  http://www.asianstudy.info/                                 http://www.asianstudy.info/speakers/ […]

‘Sakura’ 桜, IUJ Students’ Campus Magazine

IUJ students’ magazine ‘Sakura’ 桜, has been approved for launch on May 31, 2016. It will be managed and edited by students and will be published every term. The magazine will cover travelogues, opinions on the events of interest to IUJers, interviews, IUJ relevant news, book reviews etc. Additionally, it will showcase the talent of IUJers in story writing, poetry or any other form of creativity of letters or camera.It is planned to have a few articles about the natural sights, history and culture of the Minami Uonuma City. The readership includes IUJ community, alumni and local people connected with IUJ.  Sakura will publish articles in English and Japanese; however, […]

Message from the President on the April 14 earthquake

Huge earthquakes and aftershocks have shaken Japan’s southern island of Kyushu since the 14th of April, as you know. IUJ is quite far from the Kyushu area (approx. 900 kms), and we have not been affected. We are continuing to perform our educational and research activities as usual. We have received many messages through email, social media, etc. from international colleagues, friends, and alumni who are worrying about us. We appreciate your messages of concern, good wishes, and prayers. We would like to express our deep sympathy to IUJ students, alumni and their families, our global partnership companies, and all the victims who have suffered from this disaster. We pray […]

GSIM starts offering the Adam Innovations SAP Certification Course at IUJ

Starting from the winter term, 2016, Graduate School of International Management (GSIM) will become the first business school in Japan to offer a SAP Certificate Course. This course is developed jointly by SAP Japan, IUJ-GSIM and Adam-i Co. Ltd. Tokyo-based consulting company Adam-i Co. Ltd. financially supports the course. It is mainly designed for E-Business Management (Short for E-Biz) students but it is also open for all GSIM students to enhance students’ functional knowledge as well as practical skill on business process integration by using SAP ERP system and its different modules related to Marketing, Accounting, Supply Chain Management and etc. The close association of SAP and Adam Innovations in […]

Professor Shinoda will be the keynote speaker at the International conference

Professor Shinoda will be the keynote speaker at the International conference in Manila held on March 10-11. Title of the conference: Tracing the Contours of a Rapidly Changing East Asia: Issues and Perspectives Date: March 10-11, 2016  ※Professor Shinoda’s keynote speech will be held on the 10th Venue: the Bayleaf Intramuros Manila, Philippines For more information about the conference, please visit   http://phiso.org/2016/02/20/

IUJ Students Awarded by Mayor on a Stage Made of Snow

  IUJ students were honored by the Hon. Mayor Iguchi of Minami Uonuma and the City’s Tourism Department for their outstanding contribution to our area on Saturday, February 6, 2016. About 30 students who took the “Foundation of Web Technologies” E-Biz class were invited to an awards ceremony held in conjunction with the 66th Snow Festival. They were recognized on a stage made of snow for their creation of promotional websites, with social media interactions, that showed off the many food attractions found in Minamiuonuma City area. In the fall term 2015, in response to a request from Minamiuonuma City, the students of the “Foundation of Web Technologies” class, divided […]

IUJ signs MOU for Partnership in Global IT Park, Minamiuonuma City

Today, IUJ joined with Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture in the Global IT Park (http://gitmu.jp/) that is going to be set up in Minamiuonuma City with the help of Adam Innovations, a Tokyo-based consulting company. The park is aiming to attract IT companies from IT powerhouse India, Sri Lanka, etc. to help creating Japan’s first international IT hub in the vicinity of IUJ, close to the Shinkansen station in Urasa. Eventually the aim of the IT Park, according to Mr. Wawulagala, is to attract 300 global IT companies and also young Japanese to the area and help Japanese companies, including SMEs, to become more innovative and global. It is expected that […]