Scholarship Info

IUJ is pleased to offer our successful applicants a variety of scholarship support to attend our degree programs. Matches are made on a competitive basis, at the time of Admissions, and based on the objectives of our various partner organizations, companies and foundations. Below is a quick list of the types of scholarships that applicants may be matched with, both directly by IUJ, through nominations from IUJ, and by independent applications with requests to join the IUJ community. Please note that most require recipients to be on a Japan Student Visa.

For full details on each, please click on the PDF file below.

(A) IUJ Scholarship Guidelines for Non-Japanese Applicants

List of Scholarships to Apply through IUJ
(This is a simplified list. Please view the PDF file for details.)

To apply for a scholarship:

  1. Read the IUJ Scholarship Guidelines as linked above
  2. Start an Online Application.
  3. In Phase 2 of the Online Application, you will find a Scholarship application to fill in.
    Complete and submit the Scholarship application by the Admissions Deadline
  4. The Admissions Committee considers scholarship awards along with the Admissions decisions.

(B) IUJ Scholarship Guidelines for Japanese Applicants

Japanese applicants can apply for scholarship(s) at the time of application to IUJ academic programs. Please read the information carefully (link provided above) and apply for appropriate scholarship(s). Scholarship information is subject to change.

Scholarships available after starting class at IUJ

In addition to the scholarships you may be offered before arriving at IUJ, there are a few scholarships you may try for (depending on your academic and financial needs status) after your IUJ education begins. The OSS staff provides application instructions on the campus bulletin board in a timely manner.

Please click the link to learn about scholarships after starting class at IUJ.

Scholarships Applicable after starting class at IUJ

Scholarships to look into not supported by IUJ (IUJ can only provide these links, but cannot provide support in the application or awards, nor can we answer your questions about the information provided. Links are as a service to help your own research. We hope it helps!)

MEXT (Japanese Government) Scholarships

MEXT Scholarship with University Recommendation

Check the Scholarship Guidelines for the details.

MEXT Scholarship with Embassy Recommendation

MEXT scholarship application with Embassy Recommendation are finalized about 13 months prior to coming to IUJ in September, each year. The process starts 1.5 years before the start of your IUJ program.

For consideration, contact the Japanese embassy or consulate nearest you for the application form and their schedule. After you pass the preliminary screening conducted by the Embassy or Consulate, contact IUJ (we are not allowed to help you before then).