Jyothika Easwaran (India)

International Relations Program

“My life at IUJ has been extremely fulfilling and life-changing”

– Why did you choose IUJ?

I chose IUJ because of its multicultural environment. The idea of meeting people from different parts of the world was extremely new to me and I hoped to gain different perspectives on issues that affect the international community.

– What are the features of the program you attend?

The International Relations Program at IUJ is a comprehensive one that includes analyzing issues that affect the international community, and looking at these issues from several angles (from an economic perspective, a human rights perspective, etc).

– How is the program?

IUJ’s IRP program meets all the requirements I looked for while researching universities for postgraduate study. It has challenged me to think critically, has helped me explore my research interests, and has made me understand there is no single way to approach any situation, especially when you are in a classroom with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

– How is your life at IUJ?

My life at IUJ has been extremely fulfilling and life-changing. The countryside setting has created an environment that helps me focus on my academics, and has further contributed to preparing me for life after graduation.

– What is your career path after graduation?

I hope to work at an international organization after my graduation, where I can contribute to researching issues that affect the international community and do my part in bringing new perspectives to the way we look at these issues.

– What scholarship are you receiving?

I was incredibly fortunate to receive a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of the Government of Japan (University Recommended). This scholarship has helped me a great deal in managing my living expenses as well as exploring everything Japan has to offer, including its exceptional culture!

– Please give a message or advice to future IUJ students.

Thanks to its extremely rich international environment, IUJ has completely changed my way of thinking and has made me more aware of issues I had not considered prior to joining. If you are looking for a place to meet people from different parts of the world, IUJ is the place to be!