Nai (Laos)

International Development Program

“You will never feel lonely here on this campus because everyone here is willing to make friends with one another.”

– Why did you choose IUJ?

I did some search on the program and syllabus, and the International Development Program caught my eyes. It suits my interest and will provide a good foundation for my career path.

– What are the features of the program you attend?

I would like to strengthen my analytical skill and improve my knowledge on development related issues, so I am looking forward to taking courses in the coming terms such as Agricultural Development and Resource Revenue Management, Analysis of Development Policy and Programs, Inequality and Poverty: Measurement and Application. I strongly believe that all these courses will provide a strong foundation and knowledge for my career path.

– How is the program?

This program is demanding and challenging, but in the end, it will be rewarding. A professor once said to me “if you are not struggling, then you are not learning new things”

– How is your life at IUJ?

I am surprised by the diversity of this campus. I have never met people from such many countries before in my life. I was able to make friends easily. I like the campus very much because it is surrounded by nature. I do not feel the rush like in big cities. Furthermore, IUJ provides free bus services to many places such as the bank, shopping center, train station, hospital etc. so it is convenient and cost saving for me.

– What is your career path after graduation?

After graduation, I would like to work with international organizations such as the United Nations, Japan International Cooperation Agency, the Development and Economic Cooperation section of various embassies particularly the United States, or the British or Japanese embassies in my country.

– What scholarship are you receiving?

I am receiving an AEON scholarship. This scholarship is significantly important to me. Without it, I would not be able to further my education in Japan.

– Please give a message or advice to future IUJ students.

You will never feel lonely here on this campus because everyone here is willing to make friends with one another. Do some research, choose a program that suits you and come experience and enjoy the diversity and caring community on this campus.