Tricia (Philippines)

International Development Program

“Choosing IUJ was the best decision I’ve ever made. “

– Why did you choose IUJ?

What makes IUJ unique is its culturally diverse environment. I wanted a wider network to learn from other people’s perspectives. I enjoy discussing with individuals from different origins because I could gain valuable insights from them. Also, sharing my culture and experiences as a Filipino is truly a joy for me.

– What are the features of the program you attend?

The foundation of the International Development Program is to first know how the economy works and use this understanding in analyzing situations, making decisions, and creating policies.

– How is the program?

In the university, IDP students are known as the “Math people” because we have several courses that involve lots of computations. It was quite daunting especially for those like me with little background with complicated Math subjects during undergrad. At first, I questioned my life decisions in choosing IDP but as the first term ended, I realized that IDP is the program that suits me best. We have regular TA sessions and TA hours where 2nd year students can help us with what we don’t understand during class. The professors also encourage students to discuss with one another to learn more effectively.

– How is your life at IUJ?

I think choosing IUJ was the best decision I’ve ever made. I know, being in the countryside seems to be boring for some but we have enough time to travel around Japan during term breaks. IUJ finds way to make things exciting for students. We do not lack sports to play, parties to hold, and events to join or compete in. I would like to commend all IUJ administrators for carefully considering their students’ wellness and needs.

– What is your career path after graduation?

My life’s motto is to make the most out of the opportunities that cross my path. My achievements so far were all not planned. I just went with the flow with whatever life threw me. So, if was asked about my direction after graduation, I couldn’t answer with a concrete plan. But one thing is for sure, I will be going back to my home country with better wisdom and will contribute to the development of my nation by using my accounting, insurance, and newly gained economic expertise.

– What scholarship are you receiving?

When I decided that it was time for me to take further studies, I was in a dilemma. If I did not work, making time to focus on my studies, I would not be able to pay for my tuition. If I worked while studying, I would have to allocate my time, running the risk of having low performance in school or work or both. As a person with high expectations for myself, I do not want low grades nor do I want to just do the bare minimum at work. Hence, I am very grateful for the golden opportunity given by the Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program. I was able to study for free without having to worry about my cost of living.

– Please give a message or advice to future IUJ students.

Your 1 or 2 year-stay here at IUJ might be the best year/s of your life. Grab the opportunity when it comes and make the most of it.