Ly Buneang (Cambodia)

MBA Program

“I always remind myself that no matter what will happen next, do not give up, everything is possible as long as we keep moving and going forward. “

– Why did you choose IUJ?

I was fascinated by the IUJ’s MBA program due to its top global ranking and the recognitions it has received from international accreditors like AACSB International and the Economist’s “Best Business Schools”. IUJ is the first US-style business school in Japan offering programs in English.  It has built and produced many leaders around the world. The diversity of students from different countries and an accredited academic curriculum urged me to learn and explore about IUJ in a way that I could never have dreamed of.

– What are the features of the program you attend?

The curriculum of the program encapsulates the critical analysis of business in emerging markets. Every course is well-organized with group discussion on various case studies, group work, and presentations. These enhance students’ ability to work as a team and encourage socially responsible leadership in business. The faculty members are equipped with both academic and practical experience in their fields of lecturing. They bring the latest course materials, which are useful for current business environment.

– How is the program?

The program encourages students to work together as a group to produce reports and presentations. Initially, it was very challenging for me to work in a group with students from different countries where I have limited understanding of their culture backgrounds, and working styles. I gradually adapted and learned how to work with the changes and at the same time derive benefits from the interesting discussions. I realized that adapting to a networked world is indispensable in the digital transformation age, and I am certain that I will benefit greatly from this program. Moreover, it has broadened my horizons, exposed me to a variety of business concepts for emerging markets, and shown me the importance of technology intervention in businesses.

– How is your life at IUJ?

For me as a first-year student, it is tough to adapt and get along with this new world,but the culture of people being helpful and friendly here has assisted me in adapting swiftly. I admire the aim of IUJ which is dedicated to boosting inclusion and diversity in a living and learning environment on one campus where students come from all over the world. I enjoy making friends with international students, and exchanging our cultures. The countryside and remote setting of IUJ has allowed me to experience the rich Japanese culture which adds another great value to my academic journey.

– What is your career path after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to be able to bring and share the skills and knowledge I obtain from the program to many Cambodian students and entrepreneurs.  At the same time, I hope to enrich the business ideas and good practices in emerging markets like Cambodia.

– What scholarship are you receiving?

It was such an honor for me to be nominated as a Mitsui & Co. Scholar. The scholarship provides me full generous support for my 2 year MBA program. The scholarship paved the way and unlocked my dream to receive a profound education at IUJ.

– Please give a message or advice to future IUJ students.

If you have set your target to pursue a higher study, but are feeling less confidence to step forward, please remember that opportunity and luck come only to those who are proactive and willing to be challenged. I always remind myself that no matter what will happen next, I will not give up, everything is possible as long as we keep moving and going forward.