COURSE OFFERINGS & SYLLABUSES for the Academic Year 2013/14

Graduate School of International Relations

Last Updated: 2/24/2014

Core Required Courses                                                                                              


Course # Course Title Cr Term Instructor Note
DCC 5020 International Political Economy 2.0 Win Cooray IR/IPS
DCC 5040 International Politics 2.0 Fall Kumagai IR/IPS
DCC 5050 International Economic Systems and Order 2.0 Win Nakamura IR
DCC 5060 Foreign Policy Analysis 2.0 Fall Myoe IR
DCC 5075 Diplomcy and Statecraft 2.0 Win Myoe New IR Replaced from: History of International Relations(DCC5030)
DCC 5080 Security and Strategy in International Relations 2.0 Spr Myoe IR
DCC 5090 International Organizations 2.0 Win Kumagai IR
DCC 5210 Mathematical Methods 2.0 Fall Kotani PMPP/PMPP-ISM ←Mathematics for Economics and Management(B)&(C)←Kakinaka
DCC 5216 Advanced Mathematical Methods 2.0 Fall Kakinaka New ID/E/MPP ←Mathematics for Economics and Management(A)
DCC 5220 Statistical Methods 2.0 Fall Jinnai ID/E/MPP/PMPP/PMPP-ISM ←Mangyo ←Statistics for Economics and Management
DCC 5230 Research Methodology 2.0 Spr Yamada ID ←Takahashi
DCC 5239 Microeconomics I 2.0 Fall Miyamoto ID/E/MPP/PMPP
DCC 5240 Microeconomics II 2.0 Win Lin ID/E/MPP
DCC 5249 Macroeconomics I 2.0 Fall Kotani ID/E/MPP
DCC 5250 Macroeconomics II 2.0 Win Miyamoto ID/E/MPP
DCC 5260 Econometrics 2.0 Win Kuo ID/E/MPP =DCC5380 Data Analysis ←Applied Econometrics
DCC 5270 Development Economics 2.0 Spr Jinnai ID ←Mangyo
DCC 5280 Public Finance 2.0 Spr Kato MPP
DCC 5281 Monetary Economics and Policy Analysis 2.0 Fall Lin MPP
DCC 5282 Empirical Finance 2.0 Spr Kuo MPP
DCC 5283 International Trade and Investment 2.0 Win Nakamura MPP ←Title Change:International Trade ←Oh
DCC 5284 International Finance 2.0 Win Kakinaka MPP
DCC 5330 Public Management 2.0 Fall Ryu PMPP/PMPP-ISM
DCC 5340 Public Policy Process 2.0 Win Kim Jungbu PMPP/PMPP-ISM
DCC 5350 Public Policy Modeling 2.0 Spr Park PMPP/PMPP-ISM ←Public Policy Modeling and Management Scienece
DCC 5360 Public Administration 2.0 Win Yamada PMPP ←Spr
DCC 5370 Public Finance and Budgeting 2.0 Spr Kim Jungbu PMPP
DCC 5380 Data Analysis 2.0 Win Kuo PMPP/PMPP-ISM =DCC5260 Applied Econometrics
DCC 5381 Public Information Policy and Management 2.0 Fall Park PMPP-ISM
DCC 5382 Introduction to Electronic Government 2.0 Win Park PMPP-ISM
DCC 5383 Public Management Information Systems 2.0 Spr Park PMPP-ISM =ADC 5010 Spring 2012
DCC 5410 Poverty, War and Human Security 2.0 Fall Watanabe IPS
DCC 5420 Environment and Human Security 2.0 Win Watanabe IPS
DCC 5440 International Conflict Resolution 2.0 Spr Kumagai IPS
DCC 5460 Human Rights and Global Justice 2.0 Fall Saji IPS/IR
DCC 5470 Global Civil Society 2.0 Win Saji IPS
DCC 5480 Essentials of Economics 2.0 Fall Cooray IPS

Disciplinary Courses


Course # Course Title Cr Term Instructor Note
ACT 4080 International Taxation 2.0 Spr Asakawa
ADC 5000 Public Organization Theory 2.0 Spr Ryu
ADC 5012 Public Human Resource Management 2.0 Win Ryu
ADC 5013 Policy Evaluation and Management 2.0 Spr Arakawa
ADC 5014 Governmental Accounting and Reporting 2.0 Spr Okamoto
ADC 5015 Public Private Partnership 2.0 Spr Takagi Arakawa
ADC 5101 Finance Market Policy 2.0 Cancelled ←TBA
ADC 5102 Financial Accouting and Reporting 2.0 Spr Chino
ADC 5112 Money and Banking 2.0 Spr Lin
ADC 5113 Financial Markets and Globalization 1.0 Spr Lee, Chiwoong
ADC 5115 Global Market Seminar 1.0 Win Kakinaka/Mizuho Lecturers New
ADC 5200 Investments and Asset Pricing 2.0 Win Chino
ADC 5365 Contemporary Political and Economic Regionalism 2.0 Spr Kleinschmidt
ADC 5371 Political Institution and Social Changes in Governance 2.0 Cancelled ←Win Sugita
ADC 5375 Comparative Government and Politics 2.0 Fall Ono
ADC 5376 Local Government and Public Services 2.0 Fall Yamada New
ADC 6010 Cross-cultural Communication 1.0 Spr Ahmed  
ADC 6420 UN and Global Governance 2.0 Cancelled ←Spr Clammer
ADC 6440 Public International Law 2.0 Cancelled ←Spr Hayashi
ADC 6442 International Humanitarian Law 2.0 Cancelled ←Spr Hayashi
ADC 6444 International Law of the Sea 2.0 Spr Kojima New
ADC 6445 International Law in Practice 2.0 Win MOFA officials
ADC 6505 Macroeconomics and Policy Analysis 2.0 Spr Miyamoto
ADC 6510 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 2.0 Spr Akita  
ADC 6515 Advanced Econometrics II 2.0 Fall Takahashi ←Cross-Sectional and Panel Data Analysis
ADC 6516 Advanced Econometrics I 2.0 Spr Takahashi New
ADC 6521 Development Planning (Multisector Models) 2.0 Win Akita ←1.0 ←Fall/Win
ADC 6525 Time Series Analysis I 1.0 Spr Miyamoto ←Fall ←Applied Time Series Analysis
ADC 6526 Time Series Analysis II 2.0 Fall Kuo ←Time Series Analysis
ADC 6535 Health Economics 2.0 Win Jinnai ←Mangyo
ADC 6536 Health Policy 1.0 Fall Ibuka ←TBA ←2.0
ADC 6540 Public Sector Economics 2.0 Win Kato
ADC 6545 Computable General Equilibrium Modeling 2.0 Fall Kato  
ADC 6550 Agricultural Economics 2.0 Spr Kotani  
ADC 6551 Human Resource Practices and Incentives 2.0 Cancelled ←Takahashi ←Personnel Economics for Managers
ADC 6555 Urban and Regional Planning 2.0 Fall Hamada
ADC 6565 Econometric Modeling and Forecasting with Time Series Data 2.0 Spr Cooray  
ADC 6570 Project Cycle Management 2.0 Fall Minato ←Win
ADC 6586 Corporate Finance 2.0 Fall Chino
ADC 6640 Special Topic in Development Economics: Productivity and Efficiency Anlayses 2.0 Win Gemma
ADC 6653 Environmental Policy 2.0 Fall Kim Jungbu
ADC 6660 Environmental Economics 2.0 Win Kotani  
ADC 6663 Labor Economics 2.0 Win Takahashi  New
ADC 6750 Industrial Organization and Public Policy 1.0 Spr Morita  New
ADC 6765 Cost Benefit Analysis 2.0 Win Kalirajan
ADC 6990 Global Issues: UN Global Seminar 1.0 Fall Myoe  
ADC 7010 Inequality and Poverty: Measurement and Applications 2.0 Fall/Win Akita ←1.0

Regional Courses                                                                                                                                                          

Course # Course Title Cr Term Instructor Note
REC 5530 Southeast Asian International Relations 2.0 Win Myoe  
REC 5600 Peace, War and Development of Modern Japan 2.0 Spr Saji  
REC 5630 Contemporary Japanese Politics 2.0 Fall Shinoda  
REC 5631 Japanese Government and Politics 2.0 Spr Ono
REC 5641 Postwar Japanese Economy 2.0 Spr Nakamura  
REC 5645 Japanese Public Finance and Administration 2.0 Fall Nakamura  
REC 5655 Japanese Banking and Financial Systems 2.0 Spr Kakinaka  
REC 5680 Japanese Energy Policy and Regulations 1.0 Spr IEEJ researchers
REC 5730 Contemporary Chinese Politics 2.0 Fall Macikenaite
REC 5760 Chinese Foreign Policy 2.0 Spr Macikenaite
REC 6045 Japanese Political Economy 2.0 Spr Shinoda  
REC 6050 Japanese Economy and Macroeconomic Policies 1.0 Fall/Win Miyamoto ←Spr
REC 6075 Development of Japanese Industry and Business 2.0 Fall Okada ←Spr
REC 6090 Religion, Society and Culture in Japan Cancelled
REC 6100 Japanese Postwar Foreign Policy 2.0 Fall Kumagai New
REC 6115 Japanese History and Culture 2.0 Spr Pressello New
REC 6310 American Foreign Policy 2.0 Win Shinoda  
REC 6400 Society & Culture in the Islamic World 2.0 Spr Sakurai
REC 6420 Regional Governance and Political Economy in the Middle East 2.0 Win Sakurai
REC 7011 International Migration and Human Security 2.0 Spr Watanabe ←1.0 ←Combined from International Migration: Theory, International Migration: Policy, International Migration: Institution
REC 7012 International Migration: Policy 1.0 Cancelled ←Winter Watanabe
REC 7013 International Migration: Institution 1.0 Cancelled ←Spring Watanabe

Advanced Seminars

Course # Course Title Cr Term Instructor Note
SEM 8011 Advanced Seminar I 2.0 Spr GSIR Faculty  
SEM 8012 Advanced Seminar II 2.0 Fall/Win GSIR Faculty  
SEM 8013 Advanced Seminar III 2.0 Win/Spr GSIR Faculty  

Language Courses

Course # Course Title Cr Term Instructor Note
LGC 4011 Academic English I 1.0 Fall ELP Faculty  
LGC 4020 Academic English II 1.0 Win ELP Faculty  
LGC 4030 Academic English III 1.0 Spr ELP Faculty  
LGC 4040 English for Thesis Writing I 1.0 Fall ELP Faculty  
LGC 4050 English for Thesis Writing II Fall English for Thesis Writing II Winter 1.0 Fall Win ELP Faculty  
LGC 4060 English for Professional Communications 1.0 Cancelled  
LGC 410A Basic Japanese I 0.5 Fall JLP Faculty  
LGC 410B Basic Japanese II 0.5 Win JLP Faculty  
LGC 410C Basic Japanese III 0.5 Spr JLP Faculty  
LGC 410D Basic Japanese IV 0.5 Fall JLP Faculty  
LGC 410E Basic Japanese V 0.5 Win JLP Faculty  
LGC 410F Basic Japanese VI 0.5 Spr JLP Faculty  
LGC 4101 Elementary Japanese I 1.0 Fall JLP Faculty  
LGC 4102 Elementary Japanese II 1.0 Win JLP Faculty  
LGC 4103 Elementary Japanese III 1.0 Spr JLP Faculty  
LGC 4111 Intermediate Japanese I 1.0 Fall JLP Faculty  
LGC 4112 Intermediate Japanese II 1.0 Win JLP Faculty  
LGC 4113 Intermediate Japanese III 1.0 Spr JLP Faculty  
LGC 4121 Advanced Japanese I 1.0 Fall JLP Faculty  
LGC 4122 Advanced Japanese II 1.0 Win JLP Faculty  
LGC 4123 Advanced Japanese III 1.0 Spr JLP Faculty  
LGC 4124 Advanced Japanese IV 1.0 Cancelled ←Fall
LGC 4125 Advanced Japanese V 1.0 Cancelled ←Win
LGC 4126 Advanced Japanese VI 1.0 Cancelled ←Spr
LGC 4130 Japanese for Pure Beginners 0.0 Win Cancelled ←Win/Spr
LGC 4141 Business Japanese I 0.0 Fall JLP Faculty
LGC 4142 Business Japanese II 0.0 Win JLP Faculty
LGC 4143 Business Japanese III 0.0 Cancelled ←Spr
LGC 4151 JLPT N1 Preparatory Course I 0.0 Cancelled ←Fall
LGC 4152 JLPT N1 Preparatory Course II 0.0 Win JLP Faculty
LGC 4153 JLPT N1 Preparatory Course III 0.0 Cancelled ←Spr
LGC 4161 JLPT N2 Preparatory Course I 0.0 Fall JLP Faculty
LGC 4162 JLPT N2 Preparatory Course II 0.0 Win JLP Faculty
LGC 4163 JLPT N2 Preparatory Course III 0.0 Cancelled ←Spr