Online Course Registration

Course Registration Guide

Link to the guide: guide.pdf

GSIR Online Course Registration 2017/2018

For Fall Term 2017

For Winter Term 2018

For Spring term 2018

Late July (For 2nd Year Students only)

Pre-Registration :
Late November

Pre-Registration :
Late February

Registration period:
Oct. 2 (Mon) – Oct. 10 (Tue)

Registration period:
Jan. 8 (Mon) – Jan.15 (Mon)

Registration period:
Apr. 2 (Mon) – Apr. 9 (Mon)

Withdrawal deadline:
Nov. 6 (Mon)

Withdrawal deadline:
Feb. 9 (Fri)

Withdrawal deadline:
May 7 (Mon)

Final Exam Week:
Dec. 11(Mon) – Dec. 15(Fri)

Final Exam Week:
Mar. 19(Mon) – Mar. 23 (Fri)

Final Exam Week:
Jun. 11 (Mon) – Jun. 14 (Thu)


*** How to access MyIUJ! website ***

  1. Enter the following URL.
  1. Login by entering your username and password. Use the same one as that of your IUJ e-mail account.
  1. Click “course” button.
  1. Follow the instructions given on the page.
  1. This is important! After you choose all courses that you want to take, please do not forget to click “Complete Course Registration” button, print out a registration form and submit the form with necessary signatures ( and other approval forms, if any) during course registration period. Otherwise your official registration will not be done. Once you click this button, you can’t change your registration. 

Please note that you can cancel courses freely during registration period as far as you do not click “Complete” button. But if you cancel a course after the registration period until the withdraw deadline, a grade “W” will be given.

If you have any questions or problems, please ask the OAA office.