‘Sakura’ 桜, IUJ Students’ Campus Magazine

IUJ students’ magazine ‘Sakura’ 桜, has been approved for launch on May 31, 2016. It will be managed and edited by students and will be published every term. The magazine will cover travelogues, opinions on the events of interest to IUJers, interviews, IUJ relevant news, book reviews etc. Additionally, it will showcase the talent of IUJers in story writing, poetry or any other form of creativity of letters or camera.It is planned to have a few articles about the natural sights, history and culture of the Minami Uonuma City.

The readership includes IUJ community, alumni and local people connected with IUJ.  Sakura will publish articles in English and Japanese; however, for Japanese articles, the English translations will also be published.


Currently, the editorial team invites articles for publication. The submissions should include title and the name of author of the article. Please send your articles by midnight, May 20, 2016 (Friday) to  sakura@iuj.ac.jp.


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email IDs: sakura@iuj.ac.jp