GSIM starts offering the Adam Innovations SAP Certification Course at IUJ

Representative at IUJ’s E-Lab explaining the key components of the course.

Representative at IUJ’s E-Lab explaining the key components of the course.

Starting from the winter term, 2016, Graduate School of International Management (GSIM) will become the first business school in Japan to offer a SAP Certificate Course.

This course is developed jointly by SAP Japan, IUJ-GSIM and Adam-i Co. Ltd. Tokyo-based consulting company Adam-i Co. Ltd. financially supports the course. It is mainly designed for E-Business Management (Short for E-Biz) students but it is also open for all GSIM students to enhance students’ functional knowledge as well as practical skill on business process integration by using SAP ERP system and its different modules related to Marketing, Accounting, Supply Chain Management and etc. The close association of SAP and Adam Innovations in developing this course will differentiate E-Biz Program from other competing ones in the world.

This is a self-study type course. The students are expected to dedicate study hours for SAP Learning Hub. Digest sessions will be provided by teaching assistant(s) supervised by Prof. Zaw Zaw Aung. The course duration is Feb-Jun 2016 (five months).

Although it is an extra-curricular course and students cannot earn any credits from this course, the students will be able to enhance their employability through the acquisition of skills that are usually to be obtained after their placements in professional firms. At the moment, maximum of 10 students are to be accepted to enroll in this course to pursue the certification of SAP at no extra charge.

The internal application was open for enrollment in January 2016 and ten students have been selected based on their academic performance and career match. The officials from SAP Japan office visited the campus to give orientation session on SAP Learning Hub system and the procedure to take certification exam to the students.

Commenting on this course, Professor Jay Rajasekera, IUJ Vice President and the Director of E-Biz Program, mentioned that SAP is a powerful software platform used all over the world by large to medium size companies, banks, etc. and “it’s a tremendous opportunity for our graduates to add this knowhow, without any extra cost.”

GSIM Dean Wenkai Li also is quite positive and thanked Adam Innovations for its contribution.

On Adam Innovations involvement in this course, the company’s Representative Director, Mr. Kaushal Wawulagala, mentioned that he is pleased to be able to connect SAP via his company’s support so that IUJ graduates has more opportunities to contribute to Japanese companies. With a new IT Park coming close to IUJ, he sees “this course is very timely.”

Adam-i Director, Mr. Kaushal said “SAP Certification is one of the most successful IT certifications in the recent past. It has given employment to millions of people across the globe. In Japan, SAP is not that popular compared to other countries. However, with intense global competition many Japanese companies need to standardize their IT systems to par with global standards and SAP is getting lot of attention among Japanese companies in the recent past. Therefore I believe Adam Innovations SAP Certification Course at IUJ has the potential to be the number one product based IT certification in Japan.”

The students enrolled in course are now learning business process integration on SAP ERP system using SAP learning hub and are preparing to take SAP certification exam in June 2015.


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