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Scholarship & Financial Aid

Q. I am not Japanese. May I apply for a scholarship?

A. Yes.
Please complete the section in the Online Application system along with all other required application materials for admission to one of our programs. We do not accept a scholarship application only.

We highly recommend the earliest possible application deadline for those needing scholarship support.

Please note that the number of scholarships available through IUJ is limited, and selection is very competitive every year. You must pass our admissions screening with high merit in order to be considered for scholarship.

Please see “IUJ Scholarship Guidelines” to learn more.

Q. I would like to know about the scholarships available at the International University of Japan.

A. Please see IUJ Scholarship Guidelines.

Q. Are there scholarships available to me once I arrive in Japan?

A. A limited number of scholarships and scholarship upgrades, facilitated by the IUJ staff, are available to those enrolled and performing well academically and showing leadership on campus. Some scholarship providing foundations also look for solid Japanese language skills. Please see the “After Arrival” section of the IUJ Scholarship information site:

Other information on scholarships available to those enrolled in Japanese universities can be found at the JASSO homepage.

Q. Please send me an application form for the Asian Development Bank (ADB)-Japan Scholarship Program.

A. If you wish to be considered for an ADB scholarship for your IUJ studies, please apply to one of IUJ’s master’s degree* programs, and with that fill in the online Scholarship Application form. On that form, you may indicate your interest in being nominated to ADB for their generous scholarship support.

If our Admissions committee wants to nominate you to ADB, an application form for ADB Scholarship will be sent to you by IUJ. Your application document is sent to ADB through IUJ for their review and final selection.


Q. JASSO scholarships - when can I apply?

A. Upon your arrival at IUJ, the staff will provide you with information and application materials for the JASSO scholarship (to those that qualify). You first need to have a Resident’s Card and register with the townhall.

JASSO scholarships run through April. A second application process is required to try to extend the scholarship (not guaranteed in some years) from April to March the next year.

Q. JASSO Scholarships - What are my chances of getting one?

A. IUJ is allocated a certain number of JASSO scholarship slots each academic year. Those who would like to apply for one each academic year also differs. Therefore we cannot say for sure how things will match up.

If you are not selected in the Fall Term process, there is a 2nd chance to apply the following April.

Q. How do I apply to IUJ? How do I apply for a scholarship?

A. The IUJ Application process is online at You will find an Application Guidelines to help with each section. All applications are taken online. If it is impossible for you to apply online, contact the Admissions staff as early as you can.

To apply for a scholarship, you MUST apply to an IUJ degree program. If you need a scholarship, you will be guided to a special and supplemental application form online. Submit that for consideration by the application deadlines.

Q. What is required to apply to IUJ?

A.  As a graduate school, IUJ requires you to have a bachelor’s degree and minimum of 16 years prior formal education, in principle (for those with less than 16 years see the Admissions Guidelines, or ask the Admissions staff) to apply. English language skills are a must to handle course work at the graduate level all in English.

The following items are needed to apply to IUJ:

   1. Completed online Application form (including the checklist**) filled out in English

   2. 4 Photographs

   3. Personal Statement

   4. Research Interest description

   5. College Certificates from all undergraduate and graduate schools attended;

         A) Transcripts

         B) Certificates of graduation/degrees

   6. Support Letters and Forms

         A) 2 Recommendation Letters

         B) Endorsement Form (1-year MBA and Domestic Special Screening applicants only)

   7. Signed Pledge

   8.  English Test Score; TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC Score Report (See exemption policy below)

   9. GMAT score or alternative test score (MBA applicants only). See Below.

  10. Application Fee & Application Fee Form

  11. Application for Scholarship (for those requiring financial support only)

  12. Copy of the Residents Report (NON-Japanese Domestic Applicants only)

  13. Letter Attesting to Academic Research Experience (for those with less than 16 years of schooling only)

  14. Copy of your Passport (those already holding an internationally recognized passport)

For explanations and details, please see

To start your application, please go to

Applications open in mid September through the last deadline each year.