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Intensive English Program

Q. What is the Intensive English Program

A. IEP is an 8-week summer intensive program to develop English skills in preparation for becoming a full-time IUJ student.

English presentation skills, writing skills, textbook skills, debating skills, etc. are greatly enhanced by the IEP.

IEP is also open to student preparing to attend other All-English curricula and to special students from Niigata prefecture, etc.

Q. My TOEFL score is already above 100 on internet based (or 600 paper-based) exam. Do I still have to enroll in the Intensive English Program (IEP)?

A. Even so, you are recommended to take the IEP if you are not confident about your English skills including writing and oral presentation skills etc. or you feel you lack the ability to satisfy all the requirements in the content courses