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Japanese Language Courses

Q, Does IUJ offer a short-term Japanese language and culture program to international students?

A. We offer a 4-day intensive Japanese language course just before the fall term begins. The course is not open to the general public. Students and their spouses can take this intensive course as well as any other courses offered during the regular terms. For further information on Japanese language courses,please see the JLP Page .

Q. I have never studied Japanse before but I intend to enroll in a 4-month Japanese course during summer. Will I be qualified to take the Intermediate 1 in the fall term?

A. It all depends on how much you are able to cover during your 4-month study. As long as you pass the qualifying test which will be given at the begining of each term, you will be able to enroll in the course of your choice. The intermediate 1 is meant for those students who have studied Japanese for about 300 hours in a class. If you are not sure which course is most appropriate, please feel free to contact the Japanese Language Program at