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Career & Placement

Q. What kind of career services are available?

A. Career Counseling and Services (CC&S) provides individual students with information, guidance and support. The following services are available:

– One-on-one counseling and job/internship hunt planning
– Fall workshop series
– IUJ Resume Book (hard copy and online)
– Resume and Cover letter critiques
– Internship placement assistance
– Career library resources
– Career web site
– Subscriptions to
– Networking with alumni
– Mentor Programs for men and women
– Career panels and speakers
– On-campus recruiting and presentations by companies with group or individual interviews

CC&S is open to all those in need of a job upon graduation. However, some scholarships limit the amount of support that IUJ can offer (see your scholarship guidelines).

For a full description, including the Placement Report, please refer to the Career Web Site.

Q. What kind of jobs do IUJ graduates find?

A. Depending on your prior work experience, language skills, and personal career interests, opportunities vary.

For the most updated list, please see the Job Placement Report on the Career site.

MBA graduates are finding exciting jobs in finance, advertising and market research in Japan, and with companies with connections to their home nations, etc.

MA graduates are finding work in research institutes, some financial institutes, and world organizations mostly outside of Japan, unless their reading and writing skills in Japanese and English is high. A growing number of UN-related organizations in Japan, too, are interested in IUJ students for internships and jobs.

Those with 3-4 years or more of work experience and a high level of Japanese language ability have numerous opportunities for work in Japan. More opportunities are available outside of Japan though support from CC&S in securing those is limited. For a detailed list of companies and organizations where IUJ graduates find work, please see the Job Placement Report downloadable on the Career Page.

The IUJ Career Counselor highly stresses that each individual consider their own interests, motivations and skills set as they plan their future. ANYTHING is possible and EVERYTHING is open to an IUJ graduate. So start with yourself! The Career Counselor will help with guidance once you are on campus.

Q. Will I have the chance for an Internship during the summer?

A. Yes, the IUJ Internship program has consistently been able to boast high internship placement rates. See the Placement Report.

That said, there is no tradition of “internships” in the Japanese business culture so each internship is truly valued. Internship opportunities are on the rise as our alumni are helping establish opportunities for both MBA and MA students who are qualified more and more each year. Also, the IUJ Global Partnership Program with leading Japanese companies is greatly enhancing Career Services.

Securing an internship is are very competitive. IUJ has a some stable internship opportunities each year, some for which we must compete with applicants from all over the world, some are exclusively for IUJ students.

Those interested in International Organizations have several opportunities overseas students especially in SE Asia, as well as a few in Japan. The career counselor helps with strategies of approaching such organizations and with the application forms.

Those interested in business have a greater chance of staying in Japan and using the IUJ-created network.

Not all internships are paid positions, while a few are quite generous. Hosting companies at which IUJers have interned include (partial list) Barclays Capital, Standard Chartered, Merrill Lynch, Toyota, TEPCO, AEON, Matsushita, ADB (in Philippines), UNESCAP (in Thailand, UNCRD (Nagoya), UN University (Yokohama), UN Ocha in Kobe etc..

MBA and MA students can apply for any internship posted on the CC&S bulletin board for which they qualify. Independent searching for opportunities outside the IUJ offerings is highly encouraged. Support provided.

The key to getting an internship is an early start, dedication to learning the Japanese Language (and improving your English) and great resume and cover letters. Attend workshops, and make time DAILY for the hunt.

Q. Where are your graduates working?

A. International Relations, International Development program, Peace Studies graduates: International organizations, development consulting firms, Election monitoring UNV positions, Peacekeeping missions, journalism, university teaching, Embassies, Governments including Foreign Services postings, Research Institutes, Universities, Mass-media, PR firms, Trading companies, Financial firms, etc. Some go on to PhD programs each year as well.

PMPP – we do not yet have graduates yet, but expect them to go into governments and large world organizations.

MBA Program: Finance, consulting, marketing, management.

Please see the Job Placement Report.

Also, please see our Alumni Showcases for information on where IUJ graduates are finding success in business, academics, government work and international organizations!. “Alumni” page.

Q. May I apply without work experience?

A. Yes, you can apply. There are many students who have entered IUJ without work experience.

That said, especially for GSIM programs, you may find the course work more rewarding after you have had work experience. Work experience before IUJ is also recommended by the Career Counselor to help your job hunt for after IUJ.

Q. How soon after graduation to IUJ students find work?

A. The answer to this questions depends on how EARLY a start our students get, and the kind of position one seeks. Those with Finance interests and staying in Japan often find work before graduation or just after. IT Consulting positions in Japan as well are often found before gradatuion. Those seeking work outside of Japan often delay their active hunt until returning, yet those in business are usually gainfully employed within 6-8 weeks.

Those seeking international organization work or roles in government and foreign services have a longer hunt. While many are employed within 3 months, because of application processes and deadlines, it can take longer.

The goal for the career counselor is to help everyone get employed before graduation or within 1 month, even if they are searching outside of Japan.

To see the latest Placement rates, please see the Job Placement Report.

Q. Can I work while attending IUJ?

A. No, not the first few terms at least.

The academic demands are very time consuming. Most 1st and 2nd term students cannot work but must keep concentrated on their studies.

Once settled, some students might get to be Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants or work in the library or on the computer help desk. IUJ faculty and library/computer staff will have information on this.

Working in the community is not likely, except for teaching English, or other languages. IUJ does not facilitate this.

Accompanying spouses should not expect to work. Getting a work permit on a Spouse Visa is very difficult. Plus there is a langauge barrier when working off campus.

Q. What are the job placement rates and salaries of IUJ graduates.

A. Please refer to this year’s Job Placement Report for the latest information.

IUJ is proud to boast a high placement rate for our MBA students (in normal economic situations). Our Ebiz placement situation improves each year as the network expands. For our MA graduates sometimes placement is a bit slower due to the fact many look overseas so postpone their job hunt until their return. For others, teh application process for the UN, foreign service, etc. simply takes a long time. Those going into business enjoy a solid placement rate.

Q. May I contact the IUJ Career Counselor

A. Yes.

Please visit the Career Page to send a message, and we will get back to you soon.

Q. RECRUITERS: How do I recruit IUJ students for jobs or internships with me.

A. IUJ’s Career Counseling and Services is happy to work with you for on-campus recruiting, candidate introduction through a resume book or individual resumes, etc. We can post information for students and alumni alike. We customize our services to help recruiters in any way we can.

Ask us for more information at

Please review the ifnormation and resources on typical campus visits and the facilities we offer, off-campus recruiting and options for meeting IUJ candidates at the For Recruiters on the career website.