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Q. Does IUJ offer a short-term Japanese language and culture program to international students?

A. We offer a 5-day intensive Japanese language course just before the fall term begins. The course is not open to the general public. Students and their spouses can take this intensive course as well as any other courses offered during the regular terms. For further information on Japanese language courses,please see the JLP Page Or, if you are only interested in learning the language and culture, you may want to check Japan Student Services Organization.

Q. Does IUJ have a distance-learning program?

A. No.

IUJ does not offer a distance-learning program. IUJ offers full-time residential programs only.

IUJ believes that in order to become a truly skilled global leader in the business fields, you need to interact with a diverse group of people. Taking leadership positions in study groups, campus elected posts, etc. and learning communication and leadership skills on these diverse teams is a unique feature IUJ boasts.

Q. Is it possible for me to transfer to the MBA program at IUJ? (GSIM Only)

A. We do not accept transfers in principle. Please refer to the following:

The IUJ MBA program is a residential (live on campus) program for 21 months. Students are required to study for 21 months (six terms) even if they have studied at another institution before entering our MBA program. There is no way to shorten the graduate study program at IUJ. However, if you read our credit transfer and waiver policy you may be able to obtain credit for some of the courses you have taken. We require you to be enrolled for six (6) terms.

1. Credit Transfer

i. Credits Obtained Before Entering IUJ

A maximum of four (4) credits can be transferred and count as second-year elective courses. Credit can be transferred for graduate-level course(s) in business/management or related field(s) taken at another institution within the last five (5) years and in which the student received a grade of S (or equivalent) or better.

The student is required to submit a credit transfer application form and any required supporting documents no later that the last day of course registration of each term. Credit is granted upon the approval of a committee appointed by the Dean’s Office. The student may be asked to take an oral and/or written examination to demonstrate their proficiency in the subject.

Students cannot receive transfer credit for required courses.

ii. Credits Obtained After Entering IUJ

A maximum of ten (10) credits can be transferred as second-year courses (in addition to credit received for courses taken before entering IUJ or courses taken from GSIR). Credit transfer applies mainly to students who participate in the Student Exchange Program.

If the Dean’s Office allows a student to study at another institution which does not have a student exchange agreement with IUJ, the credits obtained in the institution can be transferred.

Students cannot receive transfer credit for required courses.

2. Waiver from Basic Core Courses

GSIM students are eligible to apply for a waiver for a maximum of two (2) first-year required courses. In order to be granted a waiver, students must have taken an equivalent graduate-level course and received a grade of S (or equivalent) or higher, or demonstrate their proficiency in the subject matter and must pass an oral and/or written examination. A waiver is granted upon approval of the instructor of the relevant course for that academic year and the Dean’s Office.

Students waived from the first-year-required courses must fullfill the minimum credit requirements for graduation. A first-year student, granted a waiver for a first-year course(s), can register for (a) second-year elective course(s) during their first-year with the consent of the instructor of the second-year elective course and the approval of the Dean’s Office.

The student is required to submit a waiver application form and any required supporting documents no later than the last day of course registration of each term.

Students cannot receive waivers for elective courses.

Q. Although English is not my native language, I have graduated from an English medium university. Will I be exempted from taking the English courses at IUJ?

A. If you have formally completed an undergraduate or graduate program in a native English speaking country such as U.S.A., the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc., you will be exempted from taking the English courses at IUJ. Furthermore, students from India, the Philippines, or Singapore may be exempted if they have formally completed an undergraduate or graduate program in an English-medium institution in their own countries.

Those students who fall into categories other than the above must take the IUJ’s English exemption tests to be exempted. For details, please refer to the English Exemption Policy which will be sent to those who have been admitted to IUJ.

Q. Do you have an undergraduate program? Do you have a Ph.D program?

A. No undergraduate program is offered at IUJ.

PhD program has launched in September 2015.

Q. Do you have a 1-year MBA program? (GSIM Only)

A. IUJ’s main MBA program is a two-year (21 month) course. You must study for the two years (6 terms) at IUJ.

IUJ does have a 1-year fast track MBA. Students will have aminimum of 5-years of work experience, will be sponosored and endorsed by their company, and will be return to their sponsoring company to help that company internationalize.

IUJ also offers a one-year degree in E-Business Management. Those not needing the full MBA qualifications may find this a good alternative. Be sure it matches your career goals.

Q. What language does IUJ teach in?

A. English. All course work, papers, thesis, presentations are delivered in English.

IUJ has a summer English Intensive Program to help you get ready to study here, and supports your English skills throughout your first year of study.

IUJ does offer Business Japanese courses as an elective (course credit is given in GSIM). Those considering to work in Japan, or with a Japanese company back home are HIGHLY encouraged to take these courses.

Q. What degree programs does IUJ offer?

A. IUJ offers the following Degree programs, with all course work in English.


Master’s Degree Programs:

    • International Relations Program (MA in International Relations)
    • International Development Program (MA in International Development, MA in Economics)
    • Public Management and Policy Analysis Program (MA in Public Management)
    • Japan-Global Development Program (MA in International Relations, International Development, Economics, Public Management )

PhD Programs:

    • Economics Cluster
    • Public Management Cluster
    • International Relations Cluster

GSIM - Business School

    • MBA program (Master of Business Administration)
    • 1-year MBA program (Master of Business Administration)
    • Digital Transformation Program
    • Japan-Global Development Program (Master of Business Administration)

IUJ allows students to cross registered between the degree offerings for a customized education that can best help your career goals. (Master’s Programs only) This means and MBA candidate may take courses from the GSIR degrees, and an IDP student may take Finance courses from the MBA program (examples).

Q. How do I apply to IUJ? How do I apply for a scholarship?

A. The IUJ Application process is online at You will find an Application Guidelines to help with each section. All applications are taken online. If it is impossible for you to apply online, contact the Admissions staff as early as you can.

To apply for a scholarship, you MUST apply to an IUJ degree program. If you need a scholarship, you will be guided to a special and supplemental application form online. Submit that for consideration by the application deadlines.