Network Printers

Location Printer name Color Mode
SD1 2F sd1color Color
SD2 5F sd2color Color
SD3 5F sd3color Color
MSA 1F MSAcolor Color
Study Room StdRmColor Color
Library LibColor Color
PC Room 120 stprt5 B&W
stprt6 B&W
st-color Color
PC Room 124 stprt7 B&W

Printer Information

  • Printing fee : 7 yen/page for B/W, 50 yen/page for color. Double-sided printing fee is 14 yen(B/W) / 100 yen(Color)
  • You can print out your documents to those printers both from Windows and Macintosh


  1. The printing fee will be deducted from your bank account every month.
  2. Default print mode of all color printers are B&W. Please change to “Color mode” in the printer driver property.
  3. If you print a document by B&W using a color printer, 7 yen/page will be charged.
  4. You can select A4 or A3 size in the printer property. Please do not print to US Letter size. Because the printer may be stopped.

Big Banner Printing:

Only to use for the university’s official events, it is allowed for students to print out banners by using a special printer.

For detail, refer to the guide below.

Banner printing guide