Computing FAQ: Trouble Shooting

Q. My computer does not boot up. What should I do?

A. Please bring it to MLIC office and ask for staff’s help.

Q. Where can I save my files on the network?

     A. We provide “public folder” in iuj-home server for fee use.

Q. I can’t delete some files from my public folder.

A. You can delete files added by your own, but cannot delete files added by others.

Q. My computer seems boot up, but nothing is displayed on the monitor.

A. To detect its reason, please bring your laptop to MLIC office.

Q. I bought a laptop in Japan. The system language is Japanese but I want to change it to English.

A. If its OS is Mac / Windows 8 or later, you can change its language without re-installing the OS. If not, we can install English version of Windows OS (3,000 yen for technical service fee is required).

You can’t find any solution?

Please email us to