Computing FAQ: Microsoft Office

Q. Where can I use Microsoft Office?

 A. You can use it on all public PC in computer rooms, dormitory PC lounges, classrooms.

Q. What is the version of Microsoft Office?

A. It is Microsoft Office 2016 Professional.

Q. Who can use Microsoft Office?

A. Regular students/Exchange students can use Microsoft Office.

Q. Can I install Microsoft Office on my computer?

A. Yes, you can install it from the IUJ WEB store. *Only for regular students

Q. I have Microsoft Office 2010/2013. Can I keep it after installing Office 2016?

A. Yes, but you cannot install earlier version than the one you already have.

Q. What does Microsoft Office includes?

A. Microsoft Office contains Access, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher,  Visio Viewer, Word.

Q. Do I have to pay to install Microsoft Office on my computer?

A. No, it is free of charge.

Q. Can I buy an installation disc?

A. No, you cannot purchase the disc.

Q. Can I use Microsoft Office even after graduation?

A. Yes. You can continue to use Microsoft office after you graduate from IUJ.

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