Precautions before you purchase services on IUJ Microsoft WEB store

Before you purchase services of Microsoft Windows or Office, please read below.


  • A product key is required when you install Windows or Office.
  • You can access your product key only for 30 days after you purchase a service.
  • The product key is linked to your product download.
  • You can download each item only for one time from our official web store.
  • If you lose your product key, you will not be able to download the same item again.
  • You cannot log in to the service after graduation.
  • Charged items must be paid by credit card or PayPal.

We strongly recommend that you keep your product key in a safe place in case you need to reinstall Windows or MS Office.

If you understand the statement above, click ” I understand” to proceed.

Installing MS Office (Mac users)

Installing MS Office (Windows users)

If you want to download the same product again…

If you keep your product key, you can download an installation file by using your Microsoft account. Click the link below to proceed. *Only for Microsoft Office

Install from

If you lost your product key, you can recover your product key by purchasing an Access Guarantee Retrieval service. For more detail, click below.

Access Guarantee Retrieval