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In this website, IRI publicizes what kind of data has been obtained through publicly or privately funded research projects on which IUJ faculty members, research fellows and collaborators work together. If you are interested in the data, please contact us via e-mail (ori@iuj.ac.jp).


  1. Household energy consumption data (Surveyed on 2009, August)
    • Research project
      An Economic Analysis on Agricultural Production and Natural Resource Management under Global Climate Change
    • Location
      China, Beijing
    • Investigators
      Koji Kotani, Associate Professor of GSIR, IUJ
      Zhang Jingchao, Alumni GSIR 2010
      Beijing Association of Sustainable Development
    • Questionnaire
      Available on request
    • Report
      The Determinants of Household Energy Demand in Rural Beijing: Can the Environmental-Friendly Technologies be Effective?

    (Full paper available on request)