IUJ Research Institute

Research Institute Joint Research Project

Common Theme: Japan’s Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities

This joint project aims to capture and reexamine the diverse challenges facing contemporary Japan. It is a brainstorming type of first step to reinforce the research on Japan at IUJ especially since the IUJ started the Japan-Global Development Program in 2018.

Japan has shown its distinctive unique path of political and economic development in international society, with trials and errors, since the Meiji Restoration.

Accordingly, Japan has served as the bridge between the East and the West and between the developed world and the developing world from Meiji Restoration to date.

This joint project covers Japan’s challenges today from diverse perspectives. A multinational group of scholars is exploring such topics as political, economic, and social reform under competitive globalism; English education and multiculturalism; and gender equality and the empowerment of women.

The participating scholars hope to clarify and convey the achievements and lessons of Japan to the world for better mutual understanding and for more effective international cooperation for peace and prosperity.