English Presentation Training Program for Yokohama Municipal Minami High School was Held

On July 14th, 2018, IUJ welcomed 20 students of Yokohama Municipal Minami High School (Minami High School) to give English training program which attempted enhancing their presentation skill.


Minami High School, which designated as Super Global High School (SGH), aims at “developing next generation business leaders from international city, Yokohama.” Under this initiative, based on “time of integrated study”, they attempts to research and develop next generation leaders who can conceive ideas which would solve social challenges mainly in south-east Asia area, and who can carry out those ideas by creating a sustainable social business.


In this English training program, all the language was English including presentations about their research results from the students. Professor Mohammed K. Ahmed, specially appointed professor of Graduate School of International Management, gave lectures such as how to speak before audiences, what more effective structure to make people understand your idea is, and a best style in Q/A. In addition, as 6 IUJ students from Asia participated in this program as facilitators, we are sure that discussion in groups and further interactions through lunch break and campus tour with facilitators enriched their day.


IUJ will continue to lead the globalization in this society through collaborating with SGH which aims at developing global leaders who would work on international stage.



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