Signing Ceremony for IUJ – JICA Alliance for Development Studies

On July 24, 2018, IUJ and JICA (International Cooperation Agency) concluded a memorandum on joint implementation of the “Japanese Development Program (JDP)” under the JICA-University Alliance for Development Studies.

As set forth in this memorandum, IUJ and JICA will jointly operate a “Japanese Development Program (JDP)” established by IUJ to develop human resources contributing to the growth and development of the international community through social and economic development, reconstruction or stability in developing countries in the world. Japan has expanded its international contribution to the prosperity of the world and Asia, and more actively contributes to the maintenance of international order than ever before through the penetration of values shared by the international community. IUJ and JICA will take part in fulfilling this role.

The JDP will provide special education and research to its students from both the Graduate School of International Relations and Graduate School of International Management, who are deemed to have the intention and ability to contribute to the stability of the international community and development and growth of their own countries as future leaders. The program will also provide training in the universal logic that will be necessary for the development of their countries and enterprises.

Through the JDP, IUJ aims to become a university that dispatches and spreads Japanese development logic from Niigata to the world in English.

To learn more about the Japanese Development Program, please see the following news.

Left: JICA Chairman Shinichi Kitaoka Right: IUJ President Hiroyuki Itami

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