IUJ and University of Ghana have signed a MoU

The International University of Japan (IUJ) and University of Ghana (UG) signed MoU on March 2nd, 2017. Vice Chancellor Owusu and Professor Kayang from Animal Science visited IUJ Tokyo Office, where the signing ceremony was held.

Ms. Roselyn Asante who graduate from UG and IUJ student (MBA Program, 2nd year) now accompanied President Kase to MOU signing ceremony.

Her Comment

It was an honor to witness the MoU signing ceremony between the University of Ghana and International University of Japan in Tokyo. As a product of these two prominent institutions, I am extremely delighted by this historic event. I am confident that this collaboration would provide a unique platform for exploiting synergies and creating continued excellence for both institutions.

IUJ concluded Global Partnerships with 55 major Japanese companies. We will deepen collaboration with Japanese companies and extend it to address the needs of Africa, a continent Japanese companies’ view as a promising market, following Asia. HR development projects led by the Japanese government, such as the African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE Initiative), are also emphasizing support for Japanese companies, rather than the conventional approach to HR development in developing countries. This innovative business-oriented approach will shape IUJ’s efforts to develop human resources in Africa. IUJ is already a powerful brand in Asia. In the future, we will strive to establish the IUJ brand in Africa as part of our ambitious effort to powerfully support Japanese economic progress through an innovative approach to education. Ghana, with more than 50 alumni, is the epicenter of IUJ’s growing alumni network in Africa, which already comprises about 170 IUJ graduates. Similar to the situation in Asia, most IUJ alumni in Africa are elite bureaucrats or teaching staff at leading local universities. Capitalizing on this alumni network, we will implement strategic initiatives in Africa based on the recognition that the continent is of growing importance to Japan.



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