My book review from LSA – Part 5

Name: Takahiro Mizoguchi
Nationality: Japan
Program: MBA
Book ID: T118473
Book title: Broad economic zones and growth strategies for Japanese companies
(Japanese Title: 広域経済圏と日本企業の成長戦略 / 日本貿易振興機構 (ジェトロ)編)
Author: JETRO
Review of the book:

Japan is facing a shrinking population because of the falling birthrate and the aging population. In economic words, the scale of the Japanese domestic economy is projected to shrink in the near future. The government of Japan, therefore, has an important responsibility for projecting the country’s way out of this critical situation. This book shows one realistic approach to this problem; Japan should promote Japan’s tourism industry. Especially, the government of Japan has been trying to increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan towards hosting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This book analyzes the effect and the impact of an increase in the number of foreign tourists. If you are interested in the Japanese economy, please read this book.