Policies for MBA Specialization

1)      2-year MBA and JGDP students can choose area specialization from the following four areas: 1) Finance; 2)Management; 3)Marketing; 4) IT/OM/SCM. Students can choose more than one specialization if they wish.

2)      A Student, who prefer not to have a specialization area, does not have to declare an area of specialization. He/she has to take all the required courses, but beyond this requirement he/she is free to choose elective courses.

3)      A student must have twelve (12) credits from the courses designated as specialized courses for a given area by the end of spring term in his/her second year.

4)      The specialization area will be specified in a student’s transcript upon notification by the student to the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) by the process stated below:

Every student is responsible to check whether he/she is taking enough courses in the selected area. If he/she has enough credits (at least 12) in one of the above specialization areas, please fill out the application form and submit it to OAA no later than the last business day of May in his/her 2nd year.  The office staff will double-check the requirement for the selected specialization with your academic record.  After this process, the approved specialization area will be stated on his/her transcript.