Two students were on the list of winning teams at the X-Culture project 2022

X-culture, which is a virtual teamwork, has announced their finalists. In this project, students from different universities across the world work together on a real business problem, and after researching and analyzing the business, the team suggests alternative options for solving the problem. This year, more than 6,000 students took part in this global competition from 53 countries. Gergely Kaszas and Tirman Miles Fielder Robert from the International University of Japan (IUJ), who worked under the supervision of Professor Yingying Zhang Zhang, are on the list of winning teams. Professor Zhang Zhang stated that “IUJ students have also participated in other years and achieved excellent results. Most students have gained global business experience, with a real life company challenge to work in a global virtual team.”

Both students worked in two different teams to solve two different companies’ problems. The reports of their teamwork were reviewed by business experts and selected as the best among 1,032 reports in this competition. Gergely explained that “the X-culture project was one of the most challenging exercises during the first year of my MBA program. My team of five students from different universities worked around three time zones and built a market entry strategy into the Vietnamese market for a US family-owned firm. Despite never meeting my teammates face-to-face, we managed to deliver the project on time. The experience helped me gain leadership and coordination skills.” Besides, Miles also shared his experience and achievement from the journey with us: “I am quite pleased with myself over this achievement. It was a fun project at times, particularly when it was finished. However, I learned a lot and look forward to applying the same concepts to my actual work moving forward. “

Congratulations to all the winners!