The 1st JERA Award Ceremony (JERA Asia Scholarship)

The 1st JERA Award Ceremony (JERA Asia Scholarship) was held at the JERA Main Office in Tokyo on June 27, Monday and the 5 scholars receiving this generous scholarship were invited.

Each scholar was given a scholarship certificate by Mr. Akihiko Taniguchi, who is our respected alumni (Class of 1995) and currently a Senior Supervisor in the General Affairs office at JERA.

The scholars also had a great opportunity to go see the inside of Kawasaki Thermal Power Station, a state-of-the-art LNG-fired plant that offers world-class performance, and gained a lot of knowledge of the advanced technologies used there.

IUJ thanks JERA for its deep engagement with IUJ for scholarships and employment opportunities for IUJ students.

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